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Misfit Flash Launched – A Waterproof Wearable Fitness Tracker at $49.99



Misfit Flash

If you thought, innovation starts and ends with Apple Watch, then, you might be wrong. Misfit, a company, co-founded by ex-Apple and ex-Pepsi CEO John Sculley along with the likes of Sonny Vu and Sridhar Iyengar, has introduced a fitness wearable that looks a lot like a smartwatch and is priced for only $49.99.

Misfit Flash It is company’s second wearable in the market after the Shine, which was a pretty decent product. Despite Misfit Flash is priced at such low price, the wearable is relatively full-featured. Since, it is made out of a soft-touch plastic for comfort, therefore, its waterproof down to 30 meters (98 feet).

As you may know, that much costlier fitness bands don’t come with such water resistance. And it will be not fair to compare it with Apple Watch, though, the pricey smartwatch lacks the waterproof feature, which is present on a cheaper fitness band.

While Misfit Flash won’t run apps like a smartwatch (even if it looks-like that), it has pretty neat features as it tracks your activity, sleep, tell you the time, calories burned. And can also sync with the help of dedicated Misfit App available for Android and iPhone users.

It supports connectivity via Bluetooth and boasts a 3-axis accelerometer sensor and LED display. Another interesting thing to note about this is that, it doesn’t come with a charging cable, meaning it sport a CR2032 coin cell battery, which can last for up to six months.

On the comparison note, it will have a great competitor coming this November, when the successfully funded Kickstarter product, Jaha, arrives in the market for its backers and retail sale. With Misfit Flash also having a kind of similar leadership board available on its app, the both wearables will soon face-off in the wearables market.

The Misfit Flash will be available in seven color variants, Frost, Onyx, Fuchsia, Zest, Wave, Reef, and Coca-Cola red. Out of which only few select will be available on to purchase on BestBuy, Target, and Amazon starting in October, but you can pre-order the Misfit Onyx (Black) right now from company’s website.

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