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Apple Watch Collections Pricing & Band Options with Price



Earlier this week, Apple announced the pricing of its new Watch, which was first revealed last year in October. After months of pricing rumours and speculation, we finally know how much it would cost you to get this Watch. Well, the starting price might be to some extent can be considered a decent option, but was you move forward in the ladder, the pricing of this smartwatch gets pretty hefty, and we mean not just around $1000, but it goes up to $17K. We have put together a table where you can find out which variant of the device would cost you how much. That ought to make it easier for you to choose which Apple Watch you might be considering to buy it.

The Watch is available in two size variants, 38mm and 42mm while there is total of three editions available for the Apple Watch. First being, the regular, second the Watch Sport, while third is Watch Edition, which can cost you up to $17000. Below you can find the detailed pricing of the Watch with band options.

Apple Watch Sport

Apple Watch Sport - 42mm and 38mm

Variant Price: 38mm Price: 42mm
Black $349 $399
White $349 $399
Blue $349 $399
Green $349 $399
Pink $349 $399

Apple Watch

Apple Watch - Stainless Steel

Variant Price: 38mm Price: 42mm
White Sport Band $549 $599
Black Sport Band $549 $599
Black Classic Buckle $649 $699
Milanese Loop $649 $699
Black Modern Buckle $749 $699
Black Leather Loop $699
Midnight Blue Modern Buckle $749
Bright Blue Leather Loop $699
Pink Modern Buckle $749
Stone Leather Loop $699
Brown Modern Buckle $749
Light Brown Leather Loop $699
Link Bracelet $949 $999
Space Black Link Bracele $1049 $1099

Apple Watch Edition

Apple Watch Edition - 38mm 18-carat

Variant Price: 38mm Price: 42mm
18ct Rose Gold with White Sport Band $10,000 $12,000
18ct Yellow Gold with Black Sport Band $10,000 $12,000
18ct Rose Gold with Rose Grey Modern Buckle $17,000
18ct Yellow Gold with Black Classic Buckle $15,000
18ct Yellow Gold with Bright red modern Buckle $17,000
18ct Yellow Gold with Midnight Blue Classic Buckle $15,000

Now that you know what is the price of different variants of the Apple Watch, you will understand why it is taking a big heat from many technology experts in the industry. While Cupertino company is gearing up for the sale of its first smartwatch on April 24th, which would be in nine countries including Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany Hong Kong, Japan, UK and US.

There are few opportunists that want to cash in the trend of Apple Watch by offering customizable bands at affordable price range. As there are only two variants, 42mm and 38mm that should be in your mind, as the band is swappable. There are many organizations that have put up a Kickstarter campaign for launching the bands at an affordable price. Now it’s up to you, if you want to wait for those accessories or pay the hefty amount for personalizing the Apple Watch.

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