Samsung Recalls all the Note 7 Smartphones again, admits the replacement units are unsafe too

by Karthik Iyer 5

It’s been over a month now since the Note 7 smartphone began to explode/catching fire in the wild. Many users reported the incident and the devices were exploding while charging and even when casually using it. This made it so uncomfortable to use them post which the company decided to take a stand on the situation and replace them. This was termed as ‘Recall’ of the smartphone worldwide. Well, that’s not where the story ends.

A couple of weeks back, an incident was reported where a replacement unit of the smartphone was caught fire in the US in an airplane. And then followed a couple of more incidents after which many of US carriers stopped the sales of the smartphone again. And now the company has released an official statement where it is asking all the customers to return their Note 7 smartphones including the replaced ones. So this could be called an official second ‘Recall’ right?

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Timeline from Launch to Explosions to the $1 Billion Recall

Although we appreciate the step taken by the company by doing this, but we never expected them to end up in this situation on the first place. And even the official statement released by them doesn’t clearly talks about the recall. It mentions that the consumers should take advantage of the remedies available. So they don’t want to admit the fact that it is officially a second recall. Anyway, with that being said, if you own a Note 7 smartphone then you can either get a full refund of the smartphone or alternatively you can exchange it for a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone.

Well, these are the only options which you have and yes, there is no option to get a Note 7 replacement unit. Well, this can only mean that maybe the company has finally pulled the plug on the Note 7 smartphone after all. We don’t have an official confirmation on that yet, but at this point, if Samsung is still planning to sell these devices, then they are simply wasting their time and resources. And as mentioned earlier, it’s a shame that the company has to go through all this.

The Note 7 smartphone was indeed a great device and if it wasn’t for all these explosion fiasco, it surely would have been a top pick among the best smartphones for 2016. So now that we are expecting the Note 7 to be dead already, let’s just hope that at least the next batch of smartphones coming from the company are safe to use. And talking about the next batch of smartphones, it is expected that the Galaxy S8, which is supposed to be the life saver for the company after the Note 7, will be unveiled on 26th February at MWC 2017.

Well, we can only hope that the S8 is safe to use. But the only question to answer is, whether consumers will be interested to buy any other smartphones from the company ever again after this mess? Yes, just because they put a bad show with one, doesn’t mean they will repeat it again. But this is something we will get to know only after the smartphone is available to purchase from the stores. So meanwhile, if you were waiting for the Note 7 sales, then you should totally drop the idea and look somewhere else for a smartphone.

Karthik Iyer

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  • I think that Sammy should kill Note 7 and focus on S8!!!

  • Nitin Bansal

    It’s better to recall before any big incident. Good decision by Samsung. They must ensure that no such exploding incident happen in future in their coming phones.

  • They delayed the announcement! I’m sure they’d use the hardwares in other phones after thorough investigation! Anyway I hope it won’t repeat in upcoming Galaxy phones!

  • Vishal Giri

    I think they should stop the production of the worst phone they hv ever created..

  • Rohit Kavathekar

    I think they need to stop the all manufacturing units of Note 7 & close or kill the Note 7 for forver & need to forget about the same.
    they need to shift all te focus on Samsung Galaxy S8 which will be launched at feb 2017 at MWC.
    they just wasting their valuable money by recalling Note 7 units again & again. Not an Good Decision at all.
    They now really need to move on seriously.