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Samsung announces Global recall of Galaxy Note 7 after 35 Battery Problems reported



Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is one of the best devices that Samsung has ever launched. It got a very good response worldwide. But apparently, if you are planning to buy one today, then sadly you will have to wait for a while. Samsung has now addressed the various battery issues that the consumers are reporting and released an official statement. Now the company has stopped the global sales of the smartphone and has also reported that the users who already purchased the device, will be getting a replacement in coming weeks.

We believe this was the reason for all the delays which consumers were experiencing worldwide with their pre-order shipments as well. Samsung stated that they acknowledge the inconvenience this has caused in the market. But it is a good move by Samsung to acknowledge the issue and take necessary steps to ensure the quality of the products being delivered to the customers. So if you have purchased the device, then you should have been notified about the replacement. If not, then expect a message soon.

Earlier: Earlier this month, Samsung launched its latest flagship smartphone Galaxy Note 7 and is already on sale in most of the Western markets. While in India, the pre-orders began from this week whereas in China, the company is yet to launch. After a huge success of Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge, now the Galaxy Note 7 also been a hit. With the huge demand, the company is also said to postpone the launch in few countries.

In the China, world’s largest smartphone market, the device will be officially launched tomorrow. While rest of the world got just a 4GB RAM variant with 64GB of storage, the Chinese variant will sport 6GB of RAM with 128GB of built-in storage. But prior to the official launch in China, one unit of the Galaxy Note 7 is exploded. From the below images we can see that the user is using the Micro USB to USB Type-C converter for charging that might be the reason for the incident.

While the charging port looks good in the images, the left edge of the device along with display are totally damaged. Even the transparent snap-on case is melted. Apart from the images, there is no other information available about this incident. From the last weeks, we have been seeing similar incident coming out from China. While in India, the Xiaomi Mi 4i was caught on fire while charging and later the Xiaomi Mi 5 & Mi 4 also caused similar destructions.

In March this year, a Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone was exploded when a three-year-old boy was sleeping near to it. While the shop which is where she brought the device has replaced with a new device and paid £1200 for the damage caused to the furniture. While all the smartphones will go under quality control test, we don’t recommend to keep the devices near to the kids. Also use the proprietary chargers and adapters that come bundled with the smartphone.


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