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Second Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Explodes in a week while Charging



Last week, we reported about the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 blast in China where the usage of unofficial MicroUSB to USB Type-C adapter is said to be the reason. This isn’t the first time we are seeing the smartphone blasts; similar incidents happened to few Xiaomi devices along with OnePlus‘s first smartphone OnePlus One. Now the latest report suggests one more Galaxy Note 7 to be exploded that too while charging with the official charger provided within the package.

As of now, the device is checked by the Samsung employee, and the official update can be heard soon. The device is now taken by the company and will go through the investigation to find out the actual cause of the blast. Just like the earlier incident, we can see the damaged screen along with melted back cover. Apart from these two explosions, few units of the Galaxy Note 7 are also crashing, and while restarting, the devices are entering into bootloop make the device unusable.

While these issues can be fixed with the software updates, the hardware damages are what seems to be bad and even dangerous. The Galaxy Note 7 was well received in the Western markets and due to the high demand, the company even postponed the launch in few other countries. Even the 12MP IMX260 sensor on the Snapdragon 820 variant of Galaxy Note 7 is said to perform well when compared to the same sensor on the Exynos powered variant.

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Apart from the negative issues, Samsung is expecting to double the Galaxy Note 7 shipments over the Galaxy Note 5. In case, if you are charging your smartphone while sleeping, don’t keep it near to your bed. Also use the proprietary charger provided along with the device as it will be tweaked to be compatible with the smartphone.


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