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YouTube Go Beta App launched in India with offline viewing & Sharing features



Google has now officially launched the YouTube Go beta app in India. The app was first announced back in September last year with a couple of exciting new features such as offline viewing, Bluetooth video-sharing, etc. The main objective of the app is to make sure that users don’t end up exhausting their data while watching the videos and hence the app also offers greater control over how much data you spend on watching the videos.

It was reported that the company was already testing the app since February in some regions and now it is finally available for all the users to download and take advantage of. As of now, the company is looking for users’ feedback to make the app work better as it is still in the beta stage. If you are going to use the app, then you can leave your feedbacks from within the app.

It is also expected that the full version of the app will also be available soon and you can sign up here in this link if in case you want to be notified when it goes live. Having said that, be sure to drop a comment down below letting us know what do you think about this. Would be interested in using this app or would you rather stick to the original app for playback. Also, stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more info on this.

Earlier – YouTube is undoubtedly one of the biggest video sharing platform available on the planet. The number of content creators for the platform are now more than ever. And now in an attempt to make the platform even better, Google has now announced YouTube Go. YouTube Go is the new app designed to broaden the accessibility of the platform. It is reported that the service will be first available to Indian users who will be able to test it out. YouTube Go is basically designed and developed with Indian users in mind, and it is intended to work much more effectively in areas with poor connectivity or where the connectivity is limited.

The app various options which will allow users to take advantage. Users can save the videos for offline viewing, and they will be able to view different quality options with file size to make sure how much data is getting used. Also, it has another feature where users will be able to share the videos with other users locally without the need for any data. The new YouTube Go basically builds upon the Smart Offline feature that YouTube launched first in India a couple of months back. YouTube also announced the new YouTube Live feature a couple of months back.


This feature would allow users to broadcast a video feed straight from their smartphone with just a touch of a button. The app was available for certain creators across the globe, and it will be rolling out soon to other creators as well. The new YouTube Go app was announced at an Event in Delhi and Indian users can sign up now to test YouTube Go. However, we don’t have any official info on when the app will be rolled out officially to everyone. Stay tuned for more info on this as we will update once we have more info on this.


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