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Xiaomi Smart Shoes in Development to Monitor your Fitness Activities



Xiaomi Shoes coming up

It has been stated by Xiaomi that they are not a mobile manufacturer, but a rather Internet company, and would be coming up with Internet of Things very soon. With Mi Band, company forays into the wearables market, and now we have even heard rumours about Xiaomi Smartwatch, which might give expensive Apple Watch run for its money.

Xiaomi Shoes coming up

Expanding further, there are reports that claims company is coming up with a Smart Sportwear. A popular Sportswear brand in China goes by name Li Ning has announced that they will be coming up with smart running shoes, which would be in partnership with Xiaomi Technology.

These smart shoes would probably get smart chips placed in the soles, and with the help of them it would be easy to monitor the running. Keeping track of your running progress, as well as monitoring the goals from dedicated Xiaomi app. It would be interesting to see the integration of the Mi Band with these Smart running shoes.

A statement released to Reuters hints that Li Ning’s execs are planning an affordable priced smart running shoes for the enthusiasts in China, which would be professional level solution for smart tech for runners.

While there are already many concepts and project going on regarding the smart shoes, which we have covered in the past, like Super shoes, Runscribe, as well as Lechal the smart soles. Since, no one has made this a mainstream thing among fitness enthusiasts. But, if Xiaomi enters into this product range then we may see a light of hope for these products.

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