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SuperShoes tickles your toes to Remind and Guide you on the go




What commercial wearable tech is missing right now is an obvious technology that first came into existence when Anirudh Sharma and Krispian Lawrence, had in mind when they started the development of their now branded Lechal smart shoes in 2011. Jumping to the current scenario, the Lechal shoes and insoles will be available in the India as well as the United States, starting this Holiday season.

Though, they are not alone in this untouched wearable space, as a researcher from MIT Media Lab has also created an idol way to navigate and discover city streets. SuperShoes, name given by the creator Dhairya Dand, are not exactly the shoes, but are flexible insoles that can fit into any standard sized sneakers/footwear, making it equipped with smart features.


They are not your usual pair of inner soles, the interface includes an onboard micro controller, low-power Bluetooth and a battery, powering the setup. It works similar to the Lechal shoes, when soles put inside any shoes, they will establish a connection with your smartphone via the Shoecentral dedicated app for accessing the data, like locations. Over the time it will learn your favorite places and then will recommend you different places accordingly.

The SuperShoes are based on the tickling instincts, as when the left toe tickle, that means you have to turn left and when the right toe tickles, you have to turn right. Like that Dand has set few principles to define the terms like reminder (both tickle twice), recommendation (both tickle once), and reached destination (both tickle continuously), are some of the few things that you can do.


These shoes offer various set of functions as they can work as, Map, Tour Guide, and Reminders. And if you travel new places or cities a lot, then you will never get lost with these shoes. Though, you might be thinking that all these facilities are available on your smartphone.

SuperShoes Setup

But didn’t you want to have experience of not having to look down on your phone every time you want to go new place or find new ways to reach your favorite destinations. This all would be possible with SuperShoes, though, it is unclear if the creator will be selling it commercially or not.

If this idea have already picked up on your mind and you want to give it a try, then, Lechal shoes and insoles are best options for you as they are expected to arrive in mass markets like India and the United States soon.

Source: Dhairya Dand


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