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WhatsApp Voicemail Feature now Live on Latest Beta Version – Download APK



In April 2016, we had exclusively reported about the two new features of WhatsApp – Call Back and Voicemail. Now both these features are live on the latest beta version (ver 2.16.189) of the app. From last one year, WhatsApp has been bringing lot many new features to maintain its top position in the instant messaging category. Earlier the company came with voice calls, end-to-end encryption, and many new features.

Now the latest two features give few more options in the voice calls section. The users can get these options when the voice call is not answered or declined on the other end. The call back option works same as the redial feature on the regular phone apps. Coming to the second option, the users need to press & hold the mic icon to send the voice message instantly from that screen.

The user on the other receives it like the regular voice message but this new feature helps the caller to leave the voice message on the same screen. Apart from these two features, the users can tap on cancel to back to the last screen. The company is rumored to bring the video calling option in the next few months, it is already available on other popular instant messaging apps. Stay tuned for on PhoneRadar for more updates!

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