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Wahoo TICKR RUN – A Heart Rate Tracking Monitor with Training Plans



There are many wearable devices as well as high-end smartphones that has ability to monitor heart rate, but to buy a costly device as high as $500 is not worth, if your aim is to get it for a sole purpose of monitoring your heart rate. So, if you are conscious to monitor your heart activities on a daily basis, then, a device goes by name TICKR RUN might be a best suit for you.

The Wahoo Fitness TICKR RUN motion analytics hear rate monitor is a one such thing, which lets you take your workouts to the next level, as it allows better running smoothness. The device supports Burn and Burst hear rate training plans as well as it supports tracking of heart rate and calories burned.

Wahoo fitness TICKR RUN

The BPM monitoring device is worn around the chest, which also adds a smoothness calculator to the standard heart rate tracker and GPS monitor. While the name might be terrible, but the addition of smoothness calculator is an interesting addition to the standard hear rate monitor. The device uses an internal accelerometer to monitor its own position in relation to the ground, allowing it to measure the contact time with the earth and cadency to give a read out of your running efficiency, it is what company calls, the smoothness.

Company quotes that, every runner should aim for benchmark smoothness of 100, while 200 is the maximum count reach. After each run, the iPhone app of TICKR RUN gives you points based on the outing, which comes under three categories, average, low and high. In week one, if you are in 50s, and coming week four you are in 70s, then, it would mean that you are making substantial progress. And trust us that’s nice to know.

Though, the dedicated app (available on ) does not offer much more than just showing the stats of your heart. It lacks on the advice section, as it does not teaches you how to improve your technique while reaching the higher numbers. It is always useful to learn techniques and get to know that how you can make the best out of those stats. But to contradict that, the company has made its wearable device compatible with other fitness apps like Strava, MapMyRun, Endomonodo, RunKeeper, and many more, which are easily available on App Stores.

The wearable tech from Wahoo also tracks the speed and distance while you workout on a tread mill. With ANT+ and Bluetooth, it boasts dual connectivity options and is available for $79.99, which is quite cheaper than the other hear rate monitors out there in wearables market.


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