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Owlet Smart Sock is World's First Baby Vitals Monitor



Owlet Baby Care

There are wearables for almost anyone and anything, having said that now a wearable for babies have also arrived, which might be the best thing that can happen to the parents of a new born baby. The team that built this wearable conceived this Idea when they experienced the parenting, during care taking of a newborn twin cousins. And out of those twins, one has cerebral palsy.

This made the meticulous caretaker think about, why there is no tool for parents to monitor the health issues in infants. If there would be one, it would be much easier to take care of a new born as they could receive preemptive alerts of the vitals – like oxygen flow – from the device. And there came into existence, the Owlet.

Owlet Baby Care

The Owlet is a smart sock design for infants, as it can track the heart rate monitor, oxygen levels, temperature, sleep habits. Including a roll-over alert to ease the universal anxiety of a new parents. It will beam all the critical data to the app, where parents or the caretaker would be easily able to check the child’s health with a visit to the doctor.

Certain baby monitors may be helpful in determining if the child is screaming or crying. But they won’t be helpful in determining the silent true emergencies (as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) baby might experience. Here, the Owlet comes into rescue, as the parents would be able to monitor their child closely, making parents act as soon as needed.

The Smart sock is designed out of food-based silicon making it easily cleanable. And since it’s a food-grade that means parents won’t have to worry about if some other child took a bit out of it, as nothing would happen to their stomach. The device uses a LED lights and sensors, to mimic the non-invasive technology used in hospitals and adult wellness trackers.

The built-in accelerometer on the device keeps tabs on the baby’s moments and issues an alarm when the infant begins to roll. A four-sensor pulse oximeter takes note of the oxygen levels of the baby directing all the data to the synchronized smartphone/PC via the dedicated app. The oxygen levels are detected by sending harmless beams of light through the tissues, by examining the amount of light absorbed.

The Owlet smart sock retails at $199, and it may be the best invest for your child. It is a product, which might be suggested by even almost every doctor out there, as what can be more important to parents than the health of their child.

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