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UpRight – Posture Maintenance Device sticking to Spine on back of your Body



It is a device that is useful for each and everyone one of us whether you are a student sitting in a classroom. Or an employee working in the office or a doctor or dentist working long hours, which has its effects on your back due to poor back positions without maintaining a Straight back. As I am a dentist and know how difficult it is to maintain a straight back while working on a patient and I think the same can be said about people working for long hours in front of a computer.

UpRight is a simple and small wearable device which makes it a point to keep your spine or back straight and does that in a very nice and simple way without anyone noticing its presence.



UpRight is a small and compatible device which can be worn without anyone noticing it. And it is white in color with a silicon body and a small adhesive strip in the middle that is used to stick to your spine in your back or lower back. It is measuring 11 x 3.5 x 1.5 cm. The design is very compact and well designed with a slight curve to follow your back position. There is a button on one side of the device and a MicroUSB port on the other side which is used to charge the device.

UpRight is a very simple device which functions very easily too at just 30 grams it is very light and comfortable to wear. You will be getting 60 adhesive strips along with the device, and the manufacturer says that each strip can be good for use of two to three days.

How does UpRight work

UpRight works in a very simple manner, all you have to do is with the help of the adhesive strip stick the device on your back in the spine region where the curved body perfectly fits in. And the user has to calibrate the device, according to your normal spine position, and no one has the same body type. And the device has an accelerometer that is designed to detect the strain in your muscles, and back when you spine or back is bending. The sensors activate a slight vibration in the device that is an alert to you that you are losing your posture and have to correct it.

There have been many other devices with the same function like LumoLift, Lumoback, etc.. but UpRight seems to be far better in design and simplicity of function and use.

UpRight also has a smartphone app which can be used to help strengthen your back muscles and help maintain a better posture; the device can be connected to your smartphone using Bluetooth 4.0. UpRight should be charged with the help of MicroUSB; that is present on the side of the device, the lithium-ion battery when fully charged can work for four days as said by the manufacturer.

Pricing and Release

The pricing an release dates of UpRight are not confirmed yet but according to sources a release date of March 2015, is expected, and a pricing of $59 at present is being rumoured, which can be confirmed only when the device completes the testing phase.


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