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Vivo V9 Smartphone Top Camera Features & Options



The Vivo V9 is the company’s latest high-end smartphone to launch in India. It is the successor to the last year’s V7 smartphone and comes with major upgrades in terms of both design and specifications. The device offers pretty good cameras on the front and rear. There is a new 24MP selfie camera with f/2.0 aperture. With the lack of much space on top, the company got rid of its moonlight LED flash. On the rear are the 16MP and 5MP dual rear cameras with f/2.0 and f/2.4 aperture respectively.

Below are the five new camera features which Vivo introduced with the new Vivo V9 smartphone:

AI Bokeh Mode

After skipping the dual camera setup on the V7 smartphones, the company brought it back with the Vivo V9. There is a 16MP + 5MP dual-lens camera on the rear. While the primary 16MP sensor captures the images, the 5MP secondary camera calculates the depth in the image. While many other smartphones offer software-based bokeh effect, the Vivo V9 comes with the real bokeh mode. It also gives an option to refocus after capturing the image. Coming to the front camera, the device depends on the software-based bokeh effect for the portrait shots.


At the MWC 2018, Vivo introduced the Super HDR mode that has a dynamic range of up to 14 EV. Now, the new Vivo V9 comes with AI HDR which might be the basic version of the Super HDR. The AI HDR helps in capturing photos without overexposing or underexposing. By enabling this option, the device captures multiple shots at different EV levels and the AI combines all of them into a single photo with the best possible result.

24MP Selfie

The Vivo V9 comes with the new 24MP front camera with integrated artificial intelligence. It comes with f/2.0 aperture that should also capture decent selfies even in low light conditions. Though there is no wide-angle lens, the user can slightly turn the Vivo V9 both sides to capture the group selfie. The Vivo V9 can also capture portrait using the software enhancements. Since the selfies look inverted, the company is offering the mirrored selfie options that automatically flips the captured selfies.

AI Face Beauty

Vivo has been offering the beauty mode with their smartphones from the last few years and it just got better with the every passing year. Now in 2018, the company is adding the artificial intelligence that can do much better beautification. Both the front and rear cameras include beauty mode in video and photo modes. Vivo mentioned that almost one million images have been used to train the AI Face Beauty algorithm. It can differentiate between the male and female to offer much better details. The beauty mode can be applied even while live streaming. If its a group selfie, the beauty mode identifies all the faces and applies the beautification separately for every face.

AR Stickers

After the introduction of Animoji by Apple, we have seen several Android manufacturers bringing in their own versions of animated emojis. With the V9, Vivo also joined the current trend by announcing the AR Stickers. Unlike Animoji, the AR stickers work more like the filters available on Snapchat or Instagram. The user can choose several stickers available within the stock camera app. Once the stickers are applied, they can be instantly shared on any social networking or instant messaging apps.

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