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Vivo Apex 2020 5G Smartphone brings First In-display Selfie Camera & 60W Wireless Charging



The futuristic Vivo Apex 2020 smartphone is here. Vivo had announced its latest third-gen Vivo Apex 2020 5G smartphone in China. While the first iteration Vivo Apex had been launched in 2018, which had first come up with a pop-up camera and a full screen no notch display. The second iteration released last year had come up with a no-button smartphone, which has also been a concept. And, now, comes the Vivo Apex 2020 smartphone, which claims to be futuristic with industry-first features. Let us go through on what the new concept phone has to offer.

First, we shall put out the technical specs out of the way, the Vivo Apex 2020 5G smartphone is powered by Qualcomm’s 5G enabled Snapdragon 865 SoC, which is the flagship SoC from the chipset maker, which powers most of the Android flagships out there. The concept Vivo Apex 2020 is available in only one storage variant that is in 12GB RAM and 256GB onboard storage. On the connectivity front, the device offers 5G, like it’s predecessor, supports Wi-Fi 6 and that’s about it since it doesn’t have any physical ports, not even for charging, which isn’t new to Vivo Apex.

Now, let’s get into the concepts the Vivo Apex 2020 has to offer and let’s start with the design and display. The Vivo Apex 2020 5G weighs around 169 grams and is mostly made of glass. And, the phone is wrapped in a 6.45-inch curved display, which is a FullScreen Waterfall display that oughts to bend at 120-degrees on both the sides of the display. This has eliminated the need of side bezels from the phone and as soon as you hold the phone, you could only touch the display. Also, the phone relies on capacitive touch on the right side that also acts as the phone’s lock button. Well, the curved edges remind us of displays featured in earlier Galaxy S series phones, Vivo calls it 120-degree FullView Edgeless Display, which is also an ultra bezel-less display, according to Vivo.

As mentioned, since its a full-screen display without any cutouts, punch-holes or speaker grills, or even the selfie cameras, you may be wondering on Vivo had achieved that, let us dig in further. The Vivo Apex 2020, doesn’t feature call receiving speaker or the conventional sterner speaker at the bottom, instead, it utilises, third-gen Screen SoundCasting Technology, which utilises the phone’s display as a speaker. This tech was also earlier seen on LG premium phones last year.

The next prominent concept of the Vivo Apex 2020 is the front-facing camera, as you can see in the images here, there isn’t any visible or pop-up selfie camera, but, there is one hidden under the display, making it an in-display front-facing camera, similar to what we have witnessed in the in-display fingerprint sensor. There is a 16MP front-facing camera, hidden under the display, which is said to be an innovative screen made by Vivo that utilises screen pixel layout. This new layout is set to be transmitting light six-times more light into the sensor, and the 16MP sensor uses 4-in-1 super pixel binning technology to capture your selfies, also in high quality, claims Vivo.

Since we’re into the camera, let us further talk about rear cameras too, the Vivo Apex 2020 has a 48MP sensor, which is said to be featuring Gimbal-like stabilisation, instead of on OIS (optical image stabilisation). The phone utilises gimbal-like structure, and the angle of the main camera is said to be extended up to 200% to the conventional OIS system, in comparison. This stabilisation is also offered for both the cameras, including on the front and around the back.

The other interesting feature of the Vivo Apex 2020’s rear camera is that it is offering 5x-7.5x continuous zoom and also with the real-time focus. Meaning, the phone utilises periscopic structure with 4-group lens combination, in which two lenses act as a fixed lens and the other two acts as movable lenses, which allows the camera to achieved real-time continuous zoom.

The rear camera features are not done yet. Vivo also brings its computing technology that adds a few interesting features to the rear cameras. The company claims that it has got Instant photobomb removal tech, with which you need to set a target or as an object in the viewfinder, after which, the company’s computing tech would instantly remove the photo bomber or you can say a passerby in real-time, which further allows you to get that perfect shot. Since this is still a concept phone, the accuracy of this claim is yet to be determined. Nonetheless, it’s a super cool feature. Furthermore, the rear cameras on the Vivo Apex further utilise a total of three microphones to capture the subject with voice tracking Auto-Focus as well.

Vivo Apex 2020, the concept phone, brings in some other futuristic concepts as too. Since it doesn’t have any ports it should certainly charge wirelessly, and that’s where the 60W wireless charge comes in. Vivo Apex 2020 now supports the company’s 60W Super FlashCharge technology, that also claims to fully charge a 2000mAh battery in 20 minutes.

By far and large, these are some of the futuristic and innovative concepts or features that the newly announced Vivo Apex 2020 5G smartphone has to offer. Well, these concepts certainly appear promising and also gives us hints to what to expect in the future. These are some of the known features of the Vivo Apex 2020 smartphone, more detailed specs like the screen resolution, battery specifications are yet to be known.

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