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Sense-U – A Family Activity Tracker with Alarming & Reporting Features




Wearable Gadgets are coming in different shapes sizes and forms like the Smart Watch, Super Shoes and many more, all those were concentrated only for a single person health but this gadget here the Sense-U is targeted to keep track of your whole family. Your elder parents, kids and all other family members with its unique features like Falling Down and Inactivity Detection sensors which help to get alerts when your parents are in any trouble. And the Posture Monitoring setting which lets you keep track of the posture your child is maintaining through the day to help them grow properly.


The shape of Sense-U is neat and elegant with a slender design which lets you clip it on to your Shirt, Wrist, Pant, Pockets, Back Pack, etc. which is very convenient and even looks good unlike the other bulky devices which we have come across. It comes in 2 colors – Black and White both of which are neat looking. The U-shaped design makes it easy to strap on to your shirt or pocket. There is a single large round button on the front side of the device with a Blue marking around the button for both black and white models.

From the design point of view, this is a very beautiful looking device with minimalistic design having a single large button.

Sense-U Detector Specifications

Sense-U Detector The sleek looking Sense-U weighs just 8.5 grams measuring 1.8 x o.8 x 0.5 inches (46 x 21 x 13 mm), the device connects to your Smartphone using Bluetooth Low Energy. Sense-U Base station is a charger cum connection portal for connecting the device to your PC or Laptop. It is powered by a Lithium Ion Polymer battery which is rechargeable and gives a Battery life of 5-7 days.

How to Use Sense-U

You need to connect Sense-U to your personal Smartphone using Bluetooth or connect it to your PC using the Charging dock. After you have connected to either of the devices you have to go to the Sense-U website and create a new account and fill in your details like weight, height, steps width etc which will be used to monitor your details all day long.

Features that are measured by Sense-U:

  • Number of Steps
  • Amount of Work done or Activity
  • Posture detection
  • Elderly Fall Detection
  • Sleep cycle and quality
  • Inactivity Detection

After you have connected the device to your smartphone you need to clip it on to your shirt, pocket, pants, backpack or Arm and it will start functioning and taking your details and storing it online. With one account, you can connect all your families devices and keep a check on everyone from one account.

You can check the posture of your children all through the day, keep a track on your activity and sleep cycle, etc. The important features for Elders is the presence of Fall detection that sends a message to a number given while creating an account about the fall of the elder. Inactivity detection is another feature that will also send you a message after certain period of inactivity.

Price and Release date

The pricing of the Sense-U is going to be $100 which is a competitive pricing looking at the features at offer and the neat design. The release date is going to be Spring to Early Summer.


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