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Top 5 Must have Apps for Windows Phone



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Windows platform has always lacked the Apps as there are not so many developer interested in publishing there apps for Windows Phone. The Windows mobile platform is still in its early stage and that’s one of the reason Microsoft’s mobile platform is getting pretty low response in the market. Even though, Lumia series is the only viable series of smartphone that powers by WP OS, there is a recent development going on in this area of introducing more vendors for WP OS, but it is also important that existing WP partner companies like HTC and ZTE must introduce fresh Windows Phones this year as Windows Phone 8.1 final release arrive later this fall.

Even though, Windows Phone galaxy is smaller than Android and iOS, there are some interesting apps available for the platform. And therefore we have created a list of top five must-have apps available for this mobile platform. We have tried to include a little bit of everything in the list below as it covers, security, entertainment, shopping, productivity and social apps as well. Note that the below list only includes couple of Microsoft stock apps, the idea is to share how many apps out there in the app store that must be installed by the Windows Phone users.

Here is the list of Top 10 must have apps for Windows Phone:


LastPass for Windows Phone It is an amazing tool that allows management of all the credentials for Applications or Websites. There is always a need of password manager whether you are on any mobile platform. And here this Windows Phone application called LastPass password manager comes into play as it allows its users to generate as well as remember the existing passwords. Every time you want to login to an app or website you might not want that app or website to remember your password, so this tool will act as bridge allowing you to store as well as add favorite sites and applications while surfing through app. Whenever you try to add a new website or application, you can also make note for yourself or hints about the passwords. It is practically a very useful tool that allows easy management of login credentials.

Price : Free, premium account $12/year (WP Store)

Rating : Star Rating


Evernote for Windows Phone Evernote has been leading the note-taking and syncing apps business for quite a time now, its unique experience on various platforms is the key to its popularity among the smartphone users. And its Windows Phone platform is not that different as you will have an incredible search experience on this app too. Its unique design interface provides you a seamless experience of note-taking that has support of images, audio memos, typed notes and dictated notes as well. If you want to enjoy and have great experience while seriously taking notes, then it is a must have app.

Price : Free (WP Store)

Rating : Star Rating


OneDrive for Windows Phone This is the only stock Microsoft app that is a must have for every Windows Phone user as it is in par with the pricing model of the current cloud storage market and is one of the few apps that has beautiful interface. And its Window’s Metro UI makes it look cleaner and simpler to use. The app also offers tight integration with MS Office tools, which are used by most of the Windows OS users. When you open up the OneDrive app on your Windows Phone device and you’ll notice a sleek, minimalist interface displaying all of your files and folders in either a list or a tiled layout. Altogether, it’s a simple interface that has good looks and functions too. And that’s why it’s on our must have list for Windows Phone users.

Price : App is free as well as you get 7GB of free storage too. To know about the pricing model, go here. (WP Store)

Rating : Star Rating


Amazon for Windows Phone This is a must-have app for the online shoppers that allow its users to shop on the go as well as check the prices to compare the products. It is a powerful app as it integrates Amazon’s e-commerce services with pretty great features like bar code scan, photo upload or you can also check the availability of the products. The app also gives its user a full access to their existing shopping cart, wish lists, payment and shipping options also. It has privileges to see ordered history, 1-click settings as well as utilize the prime membership benefits of Amazon. So, if you want to shop while away from your desktop, then this is the best option you got on your Windows Phone.

Price : Free (WP Store)

Rating :


Instagram for Windows Phone The popular photo and video sharing app has been missing from the Windows Phone Store for quite a time now, but it made its debut on Microsoft’s mobile platform last year in November. Though, since then the Facebook owned app is still in beta stage, but the plus point is that it is receiving all the updates as equivalent to its other platform counterparts. The only important thing missing from the Instagram app for Windows Phone App is that video shooting is still not available on it; WP users will be missing that fun. Even though the app interface is not fully Metro-style, the users will get a familiar swipe back and forth feature between feed, discover, activity, and profile views.

Price : Free (WP Store)

Rating :


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