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Top 3 – Best Cloud Storage Windows Phone Apps for Music, Photos & Videos Backup



Top 3 - Best Cloud Storage Windows Phone Apps

Cloud storage wars have been going on for quite a time now, and most of the top cloud service provides have mobile apps in on many platforms. But if you are looking for cloud services on a Windows Phone, it is still lacking the fortitude of big companies like Google and Dropbox as their services are not officially present for the Windows Phone users. But due to their open nature, which made APIs (Application Programming Interface) easily available, as a result you will find many apps for these cloud services, but we have not included the them in the below list as our experience with them was not satisfactory.

However, another confusion or problem faced is that there are hundreds of free cloud storage services providers present on the Windows Phone platform. There are services like OneDrive (Microsoft’s in-house cloud storage services), Google Drive, Dropbox, Copy and Box all eagerly wants to sell their services to you. But to distinguish which one suits best for you, we have organized a list best cloud storage services that you can get on Windows Phone devices to store all your media content Music, Photos, and Videos to any files.


OneDrive for Windows Phone

Microsoft’s OneDrive, which was formerly called SkyDrive, has been in the business of hosting documents and photos for years now. As it moved to the new branding the features and integration between Windows 8 and Windows Phone devices is frequently improved. The service allows 7GB of free storage once any user sign up for an account, and users can further gain access to more free storage via various actions (automatic camera upload) and referrals up to 10, crediting 5GB more free space on your account. The App is amazingly design with keeping in mind the integration between phones and devices

Pricing Model

  • 7 GB: Free
  • 50 GB: $25/year
  • 100 GB: $50/year
  • 200 GB: $100/year
  • 1 TB: $2.50 per user/month

Rating : Star Rating

Verdict : If you are a Microsoft fanboy and has been familiar with their products, then you should definitely continue following their products, just like OneDrive App for Windows Phone.


Box for Windows Phone

The popular service which has been sometime mistaken for similarly named Dropbox, although, Box has been in the cloud storage business for too long. The possible reason that it is not well known by the individuals might be due to company’s focus on business side of the market. But now that it is focusing in bring best of the cloud services at personal level, users should be inclined to try their services as they are industry leader in certain aspects of cloud services like syncing the files over all of its mobile apps. It is worthy to note that Box has an impressive enterprise reputation and company is looking forward to excel in personal storage options. When you sign up for Box services, you will get 10GB of free storage space with your account, although, if you are planning to upload files larger than 250MB – particularly videos – then you need to get into premium options by signing up for $10/month plan, where you will get 100GB of online storage. The app interface is perfectly designed for simple as well as intuitive usage, but considering it is a Windows Phone application, the Box doesn’t fully implement the Metro UI design. Anyways, the user experience on Box’s Windows Phone app is similar to its other mobile apps, which is as satisfactory as it gets.

Pricing Model

  • 10 GB: Free
  • 100 GB: $5/month
  • Unlimited: $15/month (per user, requires three users)

Rating :

Verdict : The service is fast, solid and has attractive pricing, but the question arises that you need a best services on WP platform. So, you got to compromise on certain UI standards as you will be using it on Windows Phone.


Copy for Windows Phone

The corporate IT solutions provider Barracuda Networks has a personal cloud storage option that gives unique type of storage solutions. The service is pretty amazing, as it divides the hosting based on sharing, i.e. as users who shares folders over Copy cloud storage services will also share storage space. The Copy app for Windows Phone is design keeping in mind of the Metro UI as it will give you look and feel of a true Windows aesthetics. It allows users to upload as well as music and video files over app without any delay of files while streaming the media contents.

Pricing Model

  • 15GB: Free
  • 250GB: $10/month
  • 1TB: $79/month (ten users)

Rating :

Verdict : There are limited numbers of cloud services that have official app available on Windows Phone platform, so if you are looking for an alternative to OneDrive services, then this might be an app you actually like to use.


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