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Top 5 Best Note-Taking Apps for iOS / iPhone




The things in today’s world have come to a point that you don’t need to carry a physical notepad around to take notes and keep a reminder of your tasks. With tons of apps popping up on the App Store, your iPhone or even iPad is enough to carry around all your tasks and notes with it. But this transition from physical notepad to smart devices may sound a bit hard if you don’t know which apps you should install on your iOS device. But we are here to show you just that only. Below is the list of top 5 best note taking apps for iOS devices.



We dare you to make a list of note taking app without mentioning, the Evernote, that is such an app it is. This app is a leader in the note-taking category of apps among popular mobile platforms, as well as has app for your PC and web. Moreover, you get it for free, and it is something to count in for since most of the good apps on App Store are not free. It allows you to take seamlessly note in any format, may it be in a text, image, or even voice. Most of the students and professionals have to deal with PDF files, and the app lets you highlight, mark, as well as scribble your notes on top of your documents. It is just like highlight the texts in a book. Interestingly, the Evernote comes with the AirPlay support, meaning you can display your notes on a bigger screen over the Apple TV.

Microsoft Note

At first you wouldn’t believe if we say that Microsoft’s OneNote app is a perfect example of how a note taking app should be. Integrating many services, the OneNote allows you to share your notes across all other devices with Microsoft Office installed. You can access those notes via company’s OneNote website. The idea is to take the remove the need for carrying around the physical book by transferring it into the digital world. The app lets you import documents, as well as images, even including PDF files. Easily upload the documents and keep them in one place to access it from anywhere.



Just like its name, the Simplenote offers a very simple and easy approach towards note-taking. With a user-friendly interface, the app would let you take quick notes by tapping on the plus button. There is no format for creating the notes, and that’s what makes it more interesting, as you can make it according to your needs. But you do get to organize them by adding tags. Interestingly you can publish and share your notes on the web, which would be a good way to collaborate with others on the same idea. Additionally, the app also allows you to secure the notes with a Pin lock so that no prying eyes can see the contents on this app.


The sticky notes concept is golden old and is still in use for team collaboration work on a board during meetings, but what Sticky Notes did with that concept is amazing. With largest selection of visual notes styles, this is your app if you’re looking for that familiar setup of taking notes. The app allows you to add notes to your lock screen, as well as choose from over 10,000 wallpapers to set the background. You can share and collaborate with other on your notes. Additionally, you also get a password protection feature to secure your notes.

Paper by FiftyThree

Paper by FiftyThree

Originally designed as a sketching app, but the Paper by FiftyThree is an ultimate app for takes notes of all kinds. Why to stick with the text, images, or even just voice memos, if you can draw something or write it down with the use of a stylus. Awarded as the best app to jot down things on your iPad, the courtesy can be extended to other iOS devices. There are five tools Sketch, Write, Draw, Outline and Color. You can use all these to create the Instant notes in a more creative and organized way.


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