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Best iPhone Apps for Kids aged 3 years



Best Kids App

As a geek, I have been asked by other parents that what app is better for their children, and past two week or so, I would have been a wrong person to ask about it. Because I haven’t used any of those apps and given so many nieces and nephews I have, I should have know. So, after spending a couple of days searching on the App Store for which apps are suitable for juniors in their development of the brain, I came up with certain apps that are best amongst all. Below is the best collection of iPhone apps available for kids aged 3 years old.

Little Digits

Little Digits

Practising motor skills should be the one task your child should do. To make that fun, this app cleverly counts the number of fingers you have placed on the screen. More than five fingers can be easily detected on the iPhone if you turn off the multi-touch gesture on the iPad. It also has a fun ways of learning simple addition and subtraction.

Numbers and Counting – Teacher Tilly

This is a colorful app that lets your children play mini games like number recognition, and sequencing. The parents can set a proper difficulty level for each game, which is done by choosing the set of numbers involved. Moreover, it includes few extra games where your junior can practice object association, as well as count up to 20. These activities are fun and would help in brain development of your junior as well.


Alpha Writer

With a great replay value, this app is perfect if you don’t want your child to get bored. A theme of Aliens would make it more interesting and entertaining as children love cute little creatures. There is total of six mini games involving number recognition, ordering, addition, subtraction and counting. One of the games shows a spaceship beaming up the various things up and down, explaining the maths in a fun way.

Alpha Writer

Learning the how to spell the words phonetically as well as composing them is a big task for kids. But if they learn at an early stage then, it would help them understand the words and frame sentences very quickly. The app is inspired by the Montessori methods, which includes the features like identifying consonants, vowels, and phonograms. This app also includes a section where you can compose your stories.

Super WHY Phonics Fair


This is yet another app that would allow your child to learn the phonics and word building. With a carnival theme, it is more fun to rhyme words, as it includes 30 sets of those rhymes families, like –ar and –oy for free, but remember you can also have 30 additional rhyme families via in-app purchase.

Shape the Village

With a largest number of mini-games in an app, i.e. up to 16, you junior would not get bored with this app. This is an imaginative app that introduces kids to circles, square, as well as triangles through those mini games. The app offers plenty of rewards, such as printable workbooks for extending the learning experience in real life. Moreover, it is available in several languages, like English, Spanish, French, German, Simplified Chinese, Japanese and Korean. A treat for a multilingual family!

Wake up Mo!

Wake Up Mo!

Following the cute Mo’s morning routines, this app tells the common activities of a preschooler done such as eating breakfast, getting dressed, and going to school. All these 3D interactive stories would let your children have a fun time, as well as they would be able to learn all this in different languages like English, French, German and Spanish.

Bramble Berry Tales – The Great Sasquatch

With an interactive features and animations, the app would make for a very enjoyable experience. Telling a story of Sasquatch, the Bramble Berry tales explores the thousand-year-old fairy tale of the indigenous people of British Columbia. Teaching a lesson like not to judge the book by its cover. It is available in languages like French, Spanish and Halq’emeylem.

The above list was created by examining the apps and reaching the conclusion of what things should a toddler learn for better brain development at an early stage of life. Now if you’re a parent or guardian and looking for which iPhone apps are suitable for your child, then, the above apps should do the tricks, as they would enjoy and learn a lot. Also, if you have any app that is genuinely good and is fit to be placed in this list, then give us your feedback about it by posting in the comments section below.


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