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Tips against One Ring Scam, the Missed Calls from International Unknown Numbers



One Ring scam is the new type scam which is doing rounds and a ton of people are being affected by it. Well what happens here is, you get a call and it just lasts for one ring and becomes a missed call. This usually happens during the night time and hence you won’t really notice it. The only thing which you see in the following morning is a missed call. This is called the ‘Wangiri Scam’ and it is said to have originated in Japan. The word Wangiri means One ring cut (wan means “one” and giri means “cut”).

Usually, victims will get a call from an International number. Since the call came from an international number, the only thing which we as users will tend to do is call back with an interest to know exactly who the caller was and what was the purpose of calling. And this is where the problem arises. Once you call, you either trigger a spam which will result in a ton of spam being sent to you or you are often put on hold (the other person won’t talk) and you eventually end up with zero balance.

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It looks like these calls are triggered from a computer dialing a ton of numbers at random and you just happen to be one of them sadly. If you happen to get any calls from an unknown number beginning with the following country codes, then be sure to ignore them and don’t pick up.

  • Burundi (+257)
  • Malawi (+265)
  • Pakistan (+92)
  • Russia (+7)
  • Nigeria (+234)
  • Tunisia (+216)
  • Belarus (+375), etc.

Here are a few things to keep in mind

  • Avoid calling back to the international numbers unless you know what you are getting into. If the caller needs to get in touch with you, then he/ she will drop you a message as well or can call you back.
  • Also, be sure to immediately disconnect the call back on such calls.
  • Never share any kind of personal details as well.
  • Use mobile apps like Truecaller, etc to identify who the caller is, even if you don’t have the number saved.
  • Try avoiding the calls from unknown numbers unless Truecaller shows you the details.

With that said be sure to let us know if you have received any such calls previously and what did you do in that case. Also, stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more info like this.


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