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What does Smart Manager App in Samsung Galaxy S6 do?



Samsung Smart Manager

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge were introduced with quite a few partnerships with other services, and one of them was with Cheetah Mobile, for including an application that takes care of the performance of the devices. Something like this was much necessary, given how the TouchWiz UI begins to lag with time, and there was no direct way to clear up background stuff and remove the unnecessary data that piles up as temporary files.

This new app is called Smart Manager, and that is something built with the help of Cheetah Mobile, an app developer behind several successful Android applications. Smart Manager has four important sections, removing the need for any management apps to be downloaded from Play Store. Let’s get into each of them.

Battery Manager

Samsung Smart Manager Battery

The battery manager isn’t anything different from the battery usage section that you find under the settings, but it gets a place in the Smart Manager to make it easier to find and check which applications have an abnormal battery usage, while the screen is turned off. Of course there are options for power saving mode, and Samsung’s Ultra power saving mode given as well.

Storage Manager

Samsung Smart Manager Storage

This is where the Cheetah Mobile’s functionality comes to use. Storage manager isn’t about only the file storage, but it gets into deeper functions, including unnecessary data, cached, residual, and advertisement files which are all needed to be cleaned up regularly as they serve no use after some time. A simple “Delete” button does the job. There’s a “User data” storage checker as well, to just let the user decide whether any unnecessary files should be deleted or not.

RAM Manager

Samsung Smart Manager RAM

The RAM Manager shows how much RAM is used, and lists all the active applications that are currently running. The applications that are consuming a lot of RAM, can be individually killed, or the user can hit the “End All” button in the bottom to kill all the apps at once. Multitasking and in the end, performance of the device gets a hit with less RAM availability, thus the RAM Manager comes handy for quickly checking which app is abnormally eating up RAM.

Device Security Manager

Samsung Smart Manager Security

This is the Intel Security Anti-malware solution that takes care of the device security, but it needs the user to agree with the terms for the first time. If there are any unauthorised system changes done, the security feature will recognize that and alert the user about the same. There’s a link to “My KNOX” app which needs to be installed to separate work and play. Also, KNOX Active Protection feature can be turned ON from here.

Finally, the important part about the security manager – Device scanner. This part is done by McAfee security, and it scans all the files and apps to check for malware and any security risks.

So, that is what Smart Manager app on the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge is all about. This probably might be a part of the major devices from Samsung in the near future, and no surprise if the company decides to bring it to the Galaxy Note 5 as well. It works pretty well, and most importantly, gives easy access to the much needed settings.

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