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The Smart Levi’s Smart Commuter x Jacquard Jacket will cost $350



Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects partnered with Levi to introduce wearable technology which was said to be available in Spring 2017 with limited beta in fall of 2016. But now Levi’s Commuter x Jacquard by Google Tucker Smart Jacket will be released in fall this year, and the pricing of it is also announced and will be costing around $350. This is announced at the SXSW festival in Austin, and Paul Dillinger, who is the global product innovation head of Levi held a discussion with ATAP’s Project Jacquard lead Ivan Poupyrev on the future of connectivity.

Well, this smart jacket uses a conductive fabric that is capable of sending instructions to your smartphone for all the physical activity that you have been doing just like a smartwatch or a fitness tracker and moreover, the user can also pause a song move to next song just by double tapping on the wrist, features with are mostly found on smartwatches. You can make calls or dismiss them and also access navigation information which can be transmitted through voice.

This is mainly designed to stay connected using touch interactions and meet the daily needs of urban cyclists. The jacket comes with a USB connector so that it can be charged when required and the tag on the jacket can be removed to use it as any other normal jacket, and you can even wash it if needed. There is also a LED light which glows to notify the user of there is any notification. Earlier we have heard about Google’s Modular phones, but they didn’t turn up, and now ATAP is working on Project Soli which is a radar system for wearables. With this, the users can use gestures instead of giving the inputs by touching the screen.

With major strides in technology, we can expect to see more and smarter wearables to come in the future which will make life easier. Stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more and we will get back to you once we get more information on the same. Do comment in the section below and share your views


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