Arrow launches a Shirt with NFC Tag that Connect to your Phone & Calls it a Smart Shirt

by Vishal Toshiwal 1

It can be debatable that everything that has some kind of connectivity with your smartphone can’t be prefixed with word Smart. However may that argument goes, we know have a Smart Shirt available for purchase in India at a price tag of Rs 2,999.

Arrow, a well-known clothing brand in the country has launched the new shirt lineup that is the world’s first Smart Shirt, as claimed by the brand. The Arrow Smart Shirt can connect with your smartphone using the NFC tag embedded inside the left cuff of the shirt. It is nothing complicated, but this Shirt can definitely by categorized under unique apparel.

The PVH Corp-owned Arrow brand is known for their formal clothing line-up and offers them for both men and women. But unfortunately, the world’s first Smart Shirt isn’t available for women’s yet. The brand touts that their Smart Shirt can prove to be quite resourceful to the working professionals. As it praises the professional connectivity a lot.

According to the company, for instance, if you’re out for a work dinner, sharing your LinkedIn profile with colleagues has been made easier as all you have to do is tap their phone on the left cuff and your Smart Shirt would share your LinkedIn profile to their phone. I would say that is convenient but definitely would feel strange to use that feature.

As the company has mentioned that the NFC tag is embedded inside the left cuff, which is an ideal case for right-hand user. What if I’m a left-hand user? Is there a provision of putting NFC in right cuff? If not, will company launch such Smart Shirt? These questions have been unanswered for now.

The company mentions that you would have to download their app from Google Play Store (not sure if available on iOS) and configure the NFC chip to launch various apps according to the needs. Such as you can pair your Bluetooth device, as well as set phone to meeting mode with one tap on the cuff. There is a provision of sharing your digital business card, which is appealing to some sense for the working professionals.

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  • Nebu Cherian

    It’s strange really strange…in future I guess you’ll just just need to scan the shirt with your phone to get his profile…lol 🙂