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OMSignal Smart Tech Shirt tracks Bio-Data – Heart Rate, Blood Pressure & Vital Signs



We’ve seen the smart watches, devices that you can tag to the shirt collar (Kiwi Move), and even straps that we wear around the wrist, which track the health status, steps and different stats. But having all this in a shirt, makes it unique and well, a little weird. It’s weird, though, only for those who wouldn’t want to have half of their body covered with sensors. Otherwise, it’s an excellent step ahead in the wearable technology.

OMSignal Shirt

OMSignal Tracker

As said by its makers, OMsignal is apparel that continuously tracks your biometrics to help you connect to a fitter, healthier, happier you. Embedded sensors in the apparel monitor your heart rate, breathing and activity while the OMsignal app displays your data in real-time on your mobile phone. OMsignal fits seamlessly into your everyday life.
Imagine the possibilities…

Apparel meets tech, where you get to see all this with the shirt –

  • Activates blood circulation, enhances performance and helps muscles recover faster
  • It has a climate control and a moisture-wicking performance to keep the temperature in control
  • Fits well with the tightness, but doesn’t shrink it to make it uncomfortable
  • The shirt has the bacteria fighting properties of the silver fibers to eliminate the body odor

OMSignal Life Balance

Now, if you are wondering how does a plain fabric does the tracking of the data – here goes the explanation – there is a tracker device which has got its place just at the chest level, on the right side of the body. It tracks a lot of information, including the blood pressure, the heart rate, breathing, activity and that even includes the stress levels based on the different vitals.

The actual video that shows the concept is quite brilliant, briefing how a daily family life involves different instances, and where people are missing out on the good health maintenance, and proper care for the elders at home.

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