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How To Select Apps for Google Now Search on Android



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Google now is a personal assistant that was designed by Google. It comes with a reminder, customise and settings options in it. Reminder option helps you in assisting the work when you set a reminder on your account. Customise option is one such where you customise the built-in options of the app. The customise Google now comes with few options like Apps & websites, sports, stocks, places and everything else. If you enable the receive now card from apps and websites, you will get the latest updates on the site that you regularly visit or search on google. The sports option helps you if you update details like which sport you are interested, it will give you the regular updates of the involved sport. The places option help you to show the details of the near areas and guide you to reach them by redirecting to Google maps.

Google Now always tries to build an optimized search engine on your home screen. It is available on the smartphones with Android, iOS and is also available on the Chrome web browser. The Google search bar on you phones not only find the data on the web, but it can also search files, apps, contacts and other stuff from your device itself. You have installed some apps on your device, but you don’t want Google now to access the data on all apps. So, you can customize this option on the Google search where you can tick mark the apps that need them in Google search. Here is the customization procedure to uncheck the apps from Google as shown on the Galaxy A8 Smartphone.

Step 1: Open the Google app from your app drawer.

Google now

Step 2: Now, Tap on the hamburger button that is on the upper left.

Google Now 2

Step 3: Further, Tap on settings and click on phone search in the settings menu.

Google Now 3 Google Now 4

Step 4: Now in the list of apps you can uncheck the apps that you don’t want them to appear on google now.

Google Now 5

You can always decide how much clutter you can handle on your Smartphone through the Google Now service. If you are fine with all the notifications then you can ignore the above steps or else customize based on your needs. The service also scans your Google Chrome browsing history & recommends you news from the web based on your taste. Let us know in the comments section if you found this Tutorial useful or need any other help.


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