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How To Improve OnePlus 2 Battery Life – 10 Best Tips



OnePlus 2

OnePlus maybe claiming that their smartphone is the phone of future, well we don’t know how the phones in 2016 would perform but it is a fact that battery drainage is still a problem in most of the Android smartphones. Though, the 3300mAh battery is a quite a good capacity for a flagship device, although, managing that battery juice to get maximum Screen-on-Time is something you have to do, and we are here to help you with that management. Below we have listed top ten best tips to optimize the battery performance on your OnePlus 2.

Remove Bloatware

The first thing you need to do when you get the device on your hands is that remove all the bloatware present on the device. Though, you might be wondering that since Oxygen OS gives a pure stock Android experience there won’t be any bloatware. But there are some apps like Amazon shopping that might be pre-installed with the retail unit if you’ve purchased from the Amazon website. Otherwise, you might see more pre-installed apps if you’ve purchased from the third-party websites. You also get apps like Swiftkey and Audio Tuner pre-installed on the device, though you cannot uninstall the Audio tuner or the Swiftykey.

If you need to uninstall the apps, then you have to head over to the Settings app and open the Apps section, there you’ll find the desired options once you tap on specific apps.

Screen Display

This is not a situation you would want to be in; suppose you’ve accidentally put the brightness levels of the device to high and kept display ON for some reason, for a couple of minutes. Now when you come back to check any notification on your phone, you’ll notice a big drop in the percentage of battery life. All thanks to the brightness levels. So, it is very important that you maintain the brightness levels on your device.

Controlling them is very easy, you can just swipe down the notification panel and drag the brightness to zero if you’re comfortable with it, otherwise if not, then make sure the brightness levels are at least less than 40% when you’re using the device.

OnePlus 2 - Display Settings

Moreover, you can go with the Adaptive brightness feature, which automatically increases the brightness of the display according to the environment. Turning it ON is easy, just go to Settings app and head over to the display and toggle the switch to ON, which you see in front of the desired option.

Remember, you have to put the sleep time of the display to a minimum, which is 15 seconds on the OnePlus 2. As well as set only static wallpapers instead of going with Live wallpapers. These small things consume less battery but are almost unnecessary.

Disable Pre-Installed Apps

Disabling the pre-installed apps is quite the easy task, and it should be done at times when you don’t need the specific apps, as it would save a lot of battery. Because, the Android apps tends to use a lot of data when connected to Wi-Fi or data connection, as well as they run in background so that the data is loaded quickly once User launch’s the app.

Though, if you only checks the apps periodically once a while, then you should disable the unnecessary apps. To do that you have to launch the Settings app and go to Apps section. There tap on any specific app and if the system allows you to disable it, then you should take that opportunity and disable the app.

Enable Power Saving Mode

There has been power saving modes on the Android smartphones for a few generations now, and they’ve served their purposes. The battery management has always been a wide-spread fact about Android System, and it has taken its peak with chipsets needing more juice.

There is no concrete power saving mode available on the device, which you can customize to disable apps, and various other operations on a periodic basis such as found on Samsung devices. But you can make use of the power saver feature on the device that would help the device to last longer than usual by restricting access to certain things like graphic animations, vibrations, as well as limit the location services. So, make sure you turn ON this feature if you don’t need to access the apps so that some battery juice can be saved.

Disable SIM Cards

Smartphone companies these days are very keen in introducing multiple SIM card options on their devices. Some companies don’t even add the support for microSD card, just to offer dual-SIM connectivity. The OPO didn’t have the dual-SIM support as well as No microSD card while, on OP2, the company has finally introduced a dual-SIM support, except the fact that there is no microSD card this time either. Now to take things in control, there is a section on Settings app that allows you to select which SIM cards should be given preference in terms of messages, calls, etc.

OnePlus 2 - SIM Cards

This is one interesting feature, which would help you in optimizing the battery life of your OnePlus product. You can disable the SIM card/s whenever you don’t need to make the calls or surf the internet via a network connection. Because the network connectivity takes a good toll on the battery juice of the device.

To disable the SIM card, go to the Settings app and head over to the SIM card option under Wireless & Networks section. Tapping on it would open the two options, one each for both the SIM cards. Disable the SIM card/s that you’re not using and save the battery juice.

Disable Data

Disabling the data pack when you’re not using is the right decision you’ll ever take for your device, as the data packets transmission takes a large battery chunk. So, turn OFF the data connection on your OnePlus 2 if you do not necessarily need the services.

Switching it off is very easy, just tap on the Settings app and go to the Data Usage option under the Wireless & Network. There you’ll find two tabs, one each for both the SIM. Toggle the button to OFF for the cellular data from both the SIM cards. And you’re good.

Disable Backlight

It is said that you can fill up a river with continued supply of water droplets. Now when it is stated in reverse, every percent of battery drop is crucial to the overall battery performance. So, you have to make sure that you don’t lose the battery juice for things you don’t need, just like you don’t need backlight on the capacitive buttons of the OnePlus 2.

There is an alternative to this that would allow you to stop using the capacitive buttons on the device. You can turn ON the on-screen buttons of the device from the Buttons section. Just launch the Settings app and head over to the desired option and you’ll see an option there to use the ON-screen buttons on the device instead of the capacitive buttons. So, that answer the question of how you can reduce/stop the usage of the backlight on capacitive buttons.

Disable Location

OnePlus 2 - Location

You don’t always need to access the real-time location of your device, the location services are also offered by the network, although, it won’t be that accurate, but if you’re familiar with the area, then you don’t need to access the GPS services on your device.

Turning off the location/GPS is very easy, you just have to launch the Settings app and head over to the Location section. Here you’ll have to toggle the button to OFF if it’s ON. And if you want to access the location of the device, then you can set the mode for battery saving. In that mode, your device would only access the location through Wi-Fi or network support. This can be done from the notification panel also, just swipe it down and tap the location icon to turn it OFF if it’s ON.

Disable Vibration

These days’ people tend to keep their smartphone silent for most of the time during a day. And if you’re in a meeting, functions or any place where mobile usage is restricted, it is obvious to switch off the sound of the device. Though, there is one more thing you can do if you don’t want to be disturbed and moreover save the battery as well.

For that to happen, you have to switch off the vibrations as well. This can be done from the Settings app; tap on the Sound & Notification option and you’ll see a bunch of options to play around. Though, you have to switch off the “vibrate for calls” option, although, you can further tap on other sounds option to switch OFF the “vibrate on touch” option.

No Notifications

OnePlus 2 - Notifications

If you don’t want to get disturbed every time a notification comes then “No Interruptions” option is a life, savior. But it is ideally a good option to reduce the battery usage as well. During the meeting, or whenever you feel that you don’t need to see all the notifications, you can toggle the physical alert button on OnePlus 2 to “No Interruptions”. This can be done from the Sound & Notifications option in the Settings app as well.

Bonus Tip

The Device always searches for WiFi & you need to disable this. For this go to Wifi settings > Advance menu > Turn off “scanning always available”. This will also help you in saving some battery.

So, these are the tips that we think would help in improving the battery life of your OnePlus 2. In the beta builds of the device we felt the battery drainage was quick when we used it as daily driver. Now that company has released an OTA update following the optimizations for battery life as well as few other important bugs fixes.


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