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Samsung with #1 Rank is the Most Trusted Company in the U.S



Samsung has been dominating all over the world, even in the U.S, Apple‘s home country. Now the latest survey from Reputation Institute suggests, Samsung is the most trusted brand in the U.S while Apple is not even in the top 10 list. The list is based on the RepTrak Pulse score surveyed among the 75,000 millennials (aged between 18-34 years) over seven categories. These certain aged people are accounted to 75 million of the total U.S population.

Sony is the another smartphone manufacturer who stood at the sixth position while Intel occupied fourth position. The list is based on the Reputation Score surveyed among the millennials (born between 1980-2000) over seven categories. On the other hand, Samsung had top the five out of the seven categories including leadership, performance, innovation, citizenship and workplace. The missed out two categories are the product & services and governance.

The survey also suggests the users are also looking at the brand along with the details of the actual product. Even 60% of all positive behaviour is accounted by the brand and 40% being related to the actual product.It had scored 86.8 points which is 9.3 more than last year’s score. Apart from launching different smartphones different segments, Samsung’s online activity and corporate social responsibility (CSR) made the company stood in first place.

Rolex, which is the world’s most trusted brand, is limited to just 9th spot by the millennials in the U.S. Among the general public, Samsung had dropped to the third position in the most trusted companies in the U.S. Amazon and Hallmark are in the top 2 positions while surveying the general public. Sony which is in the sixth position moved to fifth and Netflix at the ninth position is the new entrant. Along with Apple; Google, Amazon, and Uber haven’t found the place in the top 10 list by millennials that too for the U.S.


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