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How Huawei/Honor is focusing on tech innovation & leads in in-house chipset technology



These days smartphone manufacturer’s are not just innovating in terms of designing their products from outside but are very well concerned with the personalized quality and standards for setting the benchmark in performance. Thus, there arises a need of in-house smartphone component manufacturing. While many brands have not their own in-house components business, Honor, an online brand of Huawei Consumer Business group has established a good name among its consumers when it comes to offering better optimization and reliability for performance and efficiency.

Honor presents itself as the sole brand that doesn’t rely on other chipset manufacturers when they introduce a new smartphone in the market. While this trend is still catching up, it might take a little time to lead if ever the company plans to launch all of its upcoming handsets with Kirin processor installed on them. Honor created a range of Kirin chipsets for Honor smartphones.

Having its own subsidiary comes with certain kinds of advantages for company and consumers. First things first, if a brand is outsourcing chipset from another manufacturer, then brand would have to live with consequences of not properly optimizing the performance and efficiency of the device and may end up selling a handset that doesn’t live up to standard despite high-end hardware. We are not saying that outsourcing is bad for smartphone makers, but quoting that there are better ways through which a device can come out to be brilliant as the specs say about it. And that is to manufacture your won chipset.

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With manufacturing their own chipsets, companies like Honor are trying to make a big difference in terms of cost cutting, as well as helps them stay ahead in the game against from other manufacturers. Moreover, it also allows better optimization opportunities, which is hardly possibly when the chipset is from the third-party firm. Thus, bringing out the better integration of features and service, as hardware and software combination is all about offering good user experience. That is achieved when you have control over hardware also, which is the processor, the main component of the device.

While talking about the benefits for consumers, well, they’ll get much reliable hardware as in-house manufacturing ensures that device will offer great performance since it is thoroughly tested by maker against the handset it is designed to go in. Moreover, you also get an element of exclusivity, as in the case for Kirin 650. It is world’s one of the first chipsets to use 16nm process FinFET Plus technology, which is claimed to offer lightning fast performance when compared with 28nm process chipsets. Exactly 65% increase in processing speed and 40% decrease in power consumption, as here big.LITTLE architecture in play. Thus, making this combination an advanced processor for Honor and worldwide as well.

Honor’s one of the slimmest smartphone chipsets; Kirin 650 has arrived for the Indian customers. The suspected upcoming smartphone might offer this prime performance experience for the digital natives.

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