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How Smartphone Manufacturers are moving beyond Gimmicky Features towards Better Performance



The technology is moving very fast as almost every country, region and people living in remote villages are getting connected to the internet via smartphones. It can be possibly said that we will move on from using conventional smartphones in next decade, while the current scenario is that smartphone manufacturers are on the specifications war and offering gimmicky features. Many consumers fall for such marketing and ignore what is important.

Do you know what is important on a smartphone? The answer is performance and connectivity. If a company can offer both of these on one device, then that is a smartphone one should be buying instead of getting attracted with dumb gimmicky features. They don’t prove to be resourceful when it comes to user experience. We have used a lot of handsets over the time and especially as our daily driver for detailed reviews.

We can imagine after using the newly purchased handset; sometimes people tend to regret buying the handset as they later feel that feature is useless for which they were convinced by the brand will be helpful to you in the long term.

If you’re looking to buy a handset next time, may we suggest you go with a smartphone that has a powerful processor, which can offer good performance and handle your daily tasks swiftly! Moreover, can go an extra mile when it comes to multitasking. You must purchase such handset! Talking about the latest development in processor world, Honor is coming up with one such chipset that is created with a 16nm process. The 16nm process is not new, but manufacturers earlier were hardly focusing on it up until now, as it was first introduced in late 2014. Though, it was the risk production of world’s first 16nm mobile chipset.

Honor Upcoming Smartphone

This new Kirin processor is developed under that process and is said to overpass any other mid-range chipset regarding performance and connectivity features. With a big.LITTLE architecture it delivers best of both worlds; i.e. performance and efficiency. It is paired with Mali-T830 GPU, which makes sure that you get a seamless gaming experience. This Octa-core processor has four cores clocking at 2.0GHz, while remaining four cores at 1.7GHz. These cores are said to deliver 65% increase in performance, while 40% decrease in power consumption. Using the 16nm FinFET technology, this new Kirin chipset is a master of efficiency and is claimed to be generations ahead when it comes to chipsets from other firms.

It is being touted that Honor might release a smartphone with a processor sporting 16 nm process. With Honor promoting its in-house processor, Kirin, we may eventually see a new smartphone in India by them in the coming weeks.

Would you be interested in a smartphone, which offers this revolutionary chipset technology, as it promises an incredible performance? Tell, us about it in the comments section below.

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