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Samsung Files Patents for Smartgloves – Details



While everyone is busy announcing their wristbands, fitness trackers, and smartwatches, Samsung has been doing something a little different, unique and futuristic. We are talking about a new Samsung product that may be arriving anytime next year or end of this year.

The South Korean Electronics giant, which didn’t reveal any new wearable during the ongoing CES week in Las Vegas, has filled for a patent for Smartgloves. Yes, you read it right. Company is reportedly working a new type of wearable, which you would be worn as gloves.

According to the two patents filed in both South Korea and the United States, Samsung might have something in mind that works on the hand instead of the wrist and phone. Out of these two patents, first was granted to the company at the end of January of last year, while the second one seems to be granted on the first day of this year.

These patents involve technology and designs of a smartglove or a pair of smartgloves actually. Just, instead of needing a surface, the recognition of ‘key pressed’ will be registered by the glove itself. It’s mainly the 2015 patent, however.

As for the other patent from early 2014, depicts a material that is conductive, and has the ability to relay information and ‘this finger is bent this much / is bent this amount’ feedback to a connected mobile device. These two patents could be one of the two things. First, they could be coincidentally related, leading to separate possible concepts and products. Or they could be directly linked to a single product, Smartgloves.

Now it is not exactly known that what these gloves would be capable of eventually if came into existence, but they are expected to be the controllers for the connected home.

Source: US Patent and Trademarks Office (numbers 2 and 60 in the list) or Here


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