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Airdog Drone for GoPro Camera is Demoed at CES 2015 – Details



Airdog Drone

Last year in June, a Kickstarter campaign for world’s first auto-follow drone was launched, which ultimately finished the successful campaign with $1.3 million funding later. Airdog is about to start shipping their drone to the backers and would be getting ready to go on sale this year.

Company was one of the exhibitors at the CES event in Las Vegas, Nevada. As drones become an increasingly mainstream consumer product, the next big leap would come by advancing the technology for consumers. That allows drones to fly autonomously, follow you, and avoid collisions. And this company is looking to follow that aim.

Airdog Drone

Airdog is the product of Aerospace Industries, a Latvian company founded by CEO Edgars Rozentals. He’s been an action sports buff for quite time now, which was followed by flying model helicopters and drones.

The device has a top speed of 45 miles per hour and can stay overhead for 10-20 minutes depending upon your speed. It is designed to track your movements from up to 1000 feet away. The unit is currently available for pre-order at $1,295 and has an expected retail price of $1,495.

Since, the device was meant for the use in outdoor, as well as rugged action sports, company has made it water resistant. It also features fold-up props, so that the entire thing can easily fit your average backpack. It is the only drone that carries GoPro in its protective casing, and your camera will be happy for that.

Just like your dog sometimes needs to have a leash, the Airdog is also getting one. The Airleash wristband is packed with accelerators, gyroscopes, and other sensors that allow it to predict your movement and fly accordingly. The leashes also have some manual controls that allow you to make adjustments to the Airdog while you’re riding without having to whip out your smartphone.

Both the position and orientation of the drone, as well as the angle of the camera are controlled by algorithms, which communicate between the leash and the drone. Given the price of the drone, which is nearly $1300 to $1500, which is not exactly the pocket change.


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