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Nixie Wearable Drone Camera for Selfies Demoed at CES 2015 – Details



If you’ve become somewhat of bored of the usual wristbands, fitness trackers and want more fun with wearables, then, this new product demoed at CES 2015 would be something that you would definitely like.

This new product named Nixie is a wearable drone that can take your selfies. While this product idea was too good to be true when first team behind its creation approached the Idea in Intel’s Make it Wearable challenge and blown us away when they demoed the device at Intel’s Keynote at CES.

This concept first came into existence on November last year. It’s the bizarre-yet-appealing wearable camera drone nobody asked for, and now everyone will kind of want it.

The wearable camera, Nixie, works in interesting away, it would recognize where you’re standing, snap a picture, and then return to the wrist, like a futuristic paparazzi boomerang.

While GoPro is the choice of current adventure sports enthusiasts, if this wearable drone camera becomes extremely consistent, then, we might see a great competition between these two products in the wearable market.

Though, it would be a lot completed if I’d throw a Nixie in a crowded place and then maybe it won’t come back to the rightful owner, instead the land of a stranger’s wrist. The Nixie team was the grand prize winner of Intel’s Make it Wearable challenge.

Currently, you can’t actually buy one yet, but the company is working on making the technology better before it starts the consumer production of the device.


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