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Samsung Smart Ring with Biometric Sensors in development, may debut soon



Samsung filed a patent back in December 2015 for a smart ring. This smart ring has a variety of different nifty features under its sleeves. Looking at the patent sketches, we can see that it has miniature volume rockers, buttons for answering phone calls and a slot which could host the microSD card. And not just that, the ring also features sensors for monitoring users’ heart rate and other biometric data as well.

But it hard to guess as to what the device can actually do in terms of functionality, etc. We only have the patent sketch, and hence we will have to wait more in order to get some detailed info on this. However, it is reported that the device will have motion sensors and built-in NFC function. This will allow the ring to track motions and users will also be able to pay using the tap-to-pay feature with Samsung Pay.

As of now, we don’t have much info about the availability, etc. as it still might be in its early stages of development. But we will get to know more in future, and it is reported that it might be launching soon as it was earlier reported that it would be debut at CES 2016. Stay tuned for more detailed info on this.

Samsing smart ring patent

Earlier: The smart rings that we have seen since haven’t had a great success after their establishments while some companies that were crowd funded are still struggling to get their product working flawlessly. But what if a big brand step into this arena? Well, your wish might just come true, as Samsung has recently registered a patent for such smart ring.

We always knew Samsung is capable of pulling off the impossible and with a good track record of releasing concept products within a year or so. For instance, the curved display smartphones and its Gear S2 smartwatch sporting a unique rotating bezel, as well as many products that most of us are now using.

Reported by the Patently Mobile, the patent filled with the US Patent & Trademark Office shows incredible potential in this ring. It depicts figures of smartphone, TV, radio, lights and other connected devices that would recognize the ring and would allow an interface connection, which would thus allow control over those connected devices. This could be a big step in terms of the smart homes. Imagine, one ring to rule them all, every electronic device in your connected home.

Samsung Smart Ring Figure Part 2

Of course, Samsung wasn’t the first among big names to delve into this arena, the likes of Apple, Google and Microsoft have explored this area with certain patent fillings as well. Other products like Ringly, Altruis and aptly named Ring failed to impress the audience. What would make Samsung’s smart ring different is that it may offer social network connectivity such as Facebook and Twitter leading to endless possibilities.

Samsung Smart Ring Figure Part 1

There is not much known about this device, what materials it would be made of, and would it be limited to only Samsung devices. All these burning question should be answered at the CES 2016 expo in Las Vegas, where the company would be participating like every year to showcase its products. In related news, we are expecting company to showcase its Galaxy A series of the smartphone as well as we might get a glimpse at the Next Galaxy S7 flagship smartphone. Who’s excited for the CES this year? Well, we sure are looking forward to some interesting announcements. Stay Tuned in as we cover the products launch at CES this year.


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