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16Labs to Bring Smart Ring to Control Computing Devices



16Lab Smart Ring

Wearables space has seen so much of innovation this year from smartwatches to smart glasses, Virtual reality headsets to Fitness bands that also offer virtual coaching for better motivation. But now a Japanese start-up goes by name 16Lab wants to do that for smart rings.

As it is known for a fact that the smart rings is not really a new concept, but has been in the wearable arena for quite a time now.The one interesting example out of few products is the Ringly, which is specifically designed for womens and above all only supports the iPhone notifications for now. While the Ringly might not looking to tap the major markets. The Smart ring idea is more convenient and light weight option for consumers.

16Lab Smart Ring

So, comes the concept smart ring from 16Lab, which will not only be smart ring, but will also act as a platform to control other computing devices like Smartphones, Smart TVs, as well as Laptops, based on the gesture inputs given by your hand. For instance you would be able to change the channel of your television or select a certain song out of a playlist.

While it sure looks like one of the concepts that have been in the news like Nimble, Nod, and Fin gesture rings. Though, all of these smart rings are yet to see the day of light in the wearables market. While there is a lot of happening in this space, we are sure to discover that when this gesture controlled rings arrive for the consumers.

Though, the 16Lab claims that they have developer prototype ready. The startup also touts the abilities of their ring, as they can be used a gesture controller as well as an alert tool, non-contact keys and an e-wallet. Company is now preparing to take pre-orders of those developers kit for the remainder of 2014 and will launch the product for consumers in the quarter of next year. Seems like 2015 will be the year of smart gesture rings, as other smart rings are also in the development modes.


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