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Samsung Registers Patent for “Head Recognition” Authentication for Gear VR Headsets



The South Korean Tech Giant, Samsung is known for registering a lot of patents. Recently we had reported about the company registering a new patent for a case which can wirelessly charge your Gear 360 smartwatch. And now, we have yet another new patent coming from the company which is rather an interesting one. The company has now filed a patent for a head recognition authentication for the Gear VR. Now, this might sound like an unusual thing but the idea is indeed quite amazing.

One of the complaints which the Gear VR users currently have the fact that, in order to unlock the phone once it is inside the headset, users have to take off the headset, remove the smartphone, unlock it and then put it back together. Now that is a lot of work if you forget to unlock the device beforehand. However, this new patent comes up with a better solution. The proposed a new system that can recognize the shape of the person’s head. In order to do that, the system relies on a set of sensors that will detect physical variables like pressure, bending and stretching, etc.

Whatever data is collected by these sensors will be put to use and the system will determine the exact size and shape of the head of the user and then it will decide whether or not to unlock the smartphone and give access to the user. This will certainly change the way the Gear VR is used and it will make the user’s life a lot easier. However, as appealing as it may sound, it is worth noting that it is still a patent and it may or may not become a final product. But considering how promising this system sounds, we might actually see this as a reality one day.

In fact, Samsung has been pushing the limits when it comes the security of its mobile devices. The Galaxy S8 is a great example of the same as it has a number of options when it comes to unlocking the smartphone. Having said that, let’s hope we see this system being implemented on the future Gear VR headsets.

Source – The Galaxy Club


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