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Samsung’s new patent shows a Smartphone case that Wirelessly Charges your Gear Smartwatch



Samsung has filed a lot of patents in the past and most of them are appears to be extremely useful. The recently patented Smartphone case from the company is no exception. Yes, Samsung had filed a patent last year in the month of December which the US Patent and Trademark Office published on June 15th. Well, this patent describes a smartphone case which has the ability to wirelessly charge your gear smartwatch. Before you get too excited, let’s just keep in mind that this is still a patent and it is highly possible that it will never make it to reality.

Despite the fact that it may never become a reality, it is really exciting to see such a possibility of having to charge your wearable using a smartphone case. It states that the device incorporates a millimeter wave technology a.k.a extremely high-frequency waves. This is responsible for power and data transfer and that is how you can charge your wearable watch once you place it on top of the smartphone case.

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Although the patent claims that the primary function of the case if to wirelessly charge the gear, however, it also specifies that multimedia and apps might be integrated later as well. This means that it could be possible to transfer data or even control the wearbale through the same. This would certainly open up so many new opportunities. But as mentioned earlier, we suggest you not to get your hopes high since this is only a patent at this point.

The patent further explains that the back of the case is where we can find the power transmission coil and the USB Type-C connector which will link your phone to the case. And the front only houses your wireless power control processor and a DC-AC conversion unit. This will convert your DC electricity to AC. Also, the final unit of the case ay look completely different from what we see right now in the patent. It has also been reported that even Apple just patented a wireless charging case for the iPhone which is quite interesting given the fact that the new iPhones are expected to sport wireless charging.

Source – Patently Mobile


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