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Lenovo K4 Note Smartphone Explodes into Flames in India



After the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fiasco has ended, the rate of smartphone explosions had decreased. It was good to see that none of the smartphones were exploding out in the wild as they used to. Especially during the Note 7 fiasco, things were pretty hot. However, just when we thought that everything was over, we now have reports about a new explosion case and this time it is a smartphone from the Chinese manufacturer, Lenovo.

According to the new reports which we have, a Lenovo K4 Note has exploded out in the wild. Taking a look at the explosion, it certainly looks like it was a massive explosion as the smartphone is literally seen in pieces. Although the details about the situation are not clearly mentioned by the user who posted about this incident on Twitter. According to him, the smartphone was kept next to the workstation when the mishap happened. Apparently, some quick & proactive safety measures averted disaster. Looking at the images, it looks like it could have been a lot worse. Luckily, no one was injured in this incident and the only thing which seems to be affected the table on which the device was kept.

There could be a lot of reasons behind this explosion which has happened now. Since the user has not clearly presented the info, it is suggested that we wait for the official statement from the company. It could be possible that the charger which the owner was using could a third party unit, etc.

As of now, Lenovo has not come up any kind of official statement regarding this. We hope this is something that they consider under priority and revert back as soon as possible. Stay tuned for more info on this.


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