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Samsung’s New Problem Courier Companies Declining Galaxy Note 7 Packages



In the Galaxy Note 7 replacement program, Samsung left out China since the Chinese variants are said to be powered by batteries from a different supplier. While 70% of the Galaxy Note 7 batteries came from Samsung SDI, the other 30% are supplied by Chinese based company called ATL. Samsung had officially said that only 1,858 units will be recalled in China which were sold under a testing scheme. Now the two Galaxy Note 7 devices that are exploded in China are said to be retail units and are purchased from

The new devices with the blue S letter are yet to be shipped; Samsung Australia issued an official statement saying the replacement units will be available from September 21st. While the company hasn’t shipped the devices, it is facing even more problems in fulfilling its promises. The Galaxy Note 7 devices are banned from using or charging while traveling through flights or public transport in some countries. Now the courier companies in the U.S are not accepting the packages that mentioned Galaxy Note 7 on the Waybills.

In reply to customer, Samsung mentioned that both FedEx and UPS are not accepting to Galaxy Note 7 packages. As of now, there is no other alternative for the company, but soon Samsung is said to come with a new plan. Now the replacement plan will be replaced before replacing the Galaxy Note devices. Samsung said the users need to pay attention to its official website to get the latest information on the changes of the Galaxy Note 7 replacement plan. The company is in talks with a private transportation company for shipping the devices.

Samsung also requested all the channels to pull down the Galaxy Note 7 advertisements. The purchased ad slots will be used to pushing other Samsung products. The New York & New Jersey Metropolitan Transportation Authority also banned the usage of Galaxy Note7 while traveling. Currently, the Galaxy Note 7 is only on sale in China, though there is no price cut, the company is offering several freebies. With every purchase of Galaxy Note 7, the users will get a HP DeskJet 1112 Printer (219 Yuan), Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Charging Stand (298 Yuan), A10 Bluetooth Speaker, and an official Transparent Clear Case.

(Note: This issue is only limited to devices purchased from official Samsung website.)


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