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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 sales were up by 25% over it’s predecessor before the recall



Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phablet was one of the best devices that the company had made till now. It had all the latest and greatest specs to go for in a smartphone. For many, it was the ‘dream phone’ that they have been waiting for. But then soon after that, things started changing. The first battery explosion was reported, and then the rest is history. The whole recall procedure that followed cost them over billion dollars to fix. Not so impressive right?

But indeed we all know that the device was a performer. It had all the specs to go for and undoubtedly would have been among the top smartphones list for this year. In fact, before the recall, the phablet was doing quite well in terms of sales. It is reported that the Galaxy Note 7 was 25-percent ahead in sales when compared to its predecessor i.e. the Galaxy Note 5. So if it weren’t for the recall fiasco, this device would have been a tough competition for others.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Timeline from Launch to Explosions to the $1 Billion Recall

After the recall became official, it is reported that device has made 60-percent in revenue as that of what the Note 5 made in the same amount of time. And according to another report, the company sold about 7.3 million units in Q3 2016 which is just 6-percent behind the Q2’s numbers. These numbers are definitely impressive which indicates that it would have been a huge success in the market. The sales numbers would have matched the sales of the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge.

Anyway, we now just hope that the company will manage to get keep up its promise regarding the safety of the device. The sales of phablet will resume on October 21st in the US. The replacement units for the affected consumers have already begun arriving apparently. Well, we just have to wait and see if these devices are actually safe now or not. Do make a note that the replacement units will come with a black square on the box. Stay tuned for more info on this.


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