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Samsung to Launch only Edge Panel Smartphones, Skipping Flat-screen Models



Samsung has launched some of their best smartphones this year. Starting strong with the Galaxy S7 and its Edge variant, the company yet again proved that their smartphones are one of the best when it comes to design. With the launch of the new Galaxy Note 7, they are continuing the Metal and the Glass combination for their smartphones. Talking about the design of these smartphones, one thing to note here is that, with the Note 7, we don’t have a separate flat screen variant.

Previously, with the launch of the Galaxy S flagships, we saw that the company retained the flat screen option as well. Reason being, the equal demand for the Flat screen variant. But now apparently Samsung will finally move on and launch only the Curved screen variant or the Edge variant as they call it.

According to Koh Dong-jin, the head of Samsung mobile business, the company has considered making the Edge display as an identity of the Galaxy S series, if they can provide differentiated user experience to the consumers via the software and its user-friendly functions. Also as we mentioned earlier, the launch of the Galaxy Note 7 last week could have been an experiment to see how consumers react to it.

This seems to be working well for the company so far since the design of the new Note 7 is being liked by many. The Note 7 features a curved glass both on the front as well as the back of the device, giving it a nice feel in the hand. Even though the footprint of the device is large, it doesn’t feel as bad as it was back then when they launched the original Note. So this should not be a problem when the Galaxy S series is considered since the display size is going to be smaller than the Note phablet.

It is also reported that the sales of the Galaxy S7 Edge variant were higher than the regular S7 variant. This was reported according to the sales reports released in February. So it is highly possible that Samsung will ditch the flat screen displays with the next Galaxy S series of smartphones. However, we cannot come down to a decision as of now, since we don’t have any official wording on this one. We might have to wait and see how the Note 7 performs in the market in terms of sales and customer satisfaction, and then maybe we can confirm that this might be possible with the next Galaxy S variant which is going to be the Galaxy S8. Stay tuned for more info on this in coming weeks.


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