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Pokemon Go App drives Powerbank Sales by 101% Increase in just 2 weeks



Pokemon Go, an AR based game was launch last month in select countries. The game was addictive and interesting that people started going crazy about it across the globe. It was not even launched in certain countries initially, but still, people got hands on it and started playing it. Note that the game is yet to launch in India officially, but you ca still download the APK and give it a shot. You can follow our guide on how to install Pokemon Go on any Android & iOS device. The game is blocked in certain cities in the country, and it is not possible to play it, but you can download and try it regardless.

Talking about the game, it uses the phone’s camera, and you can see the Pokemon in real time. It uses a bunch of sensors and GPS is constantly ON, to keep a track of the user’s whereabouts, etc. All this comes at a price of battery life of the smartphone. The game drains your smartphone battery quickly, and it is advised that you keep a power bank if you are planning to go for Pokemon hunting. You can also check out our Tips & Tricks for playing Pokemon Go.

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It is reported that the sales numbers of the battery packs have touched the skies. According to the reports, over the six weeks period before the launch of the game, unit sales were up only by 4 percent. However, in last two weeks since the game has launched, the battery packs sales I the United States has touched 1.2 million. For the 12 months ended in June, before the launch of the game, unit sales of battery packs were up 35 percent over last years’ number.

Battery backup makers have been pitching press and customers alike with the Pokemon Go angle. This is definitely good for the manufacturers of these battery packs, but not good for the consumers. It is obviously an extra added expense for your smartphone, which otherwise would be running perfectly fine. Also, note that the life cycle of the battery used in our smartphones etc. depends on the effective life of cycles.

That is, the more times you fully deplete your battery and charge them back again, the shorter they will last over the course of time. And playing this game is only going to make it worse since users literally charge up to 3-4 times a day while using this game. But it is indeed surprising to see that a mobile game with such consumer reach can have a significant impact on ecosystem.


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