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Google’s New Home Button on 2016 Nexus Devices could be Animated



Over the past few days, there are a lot of rumors floating around the new Home button animation design for the new Nexus smartphones. It looks like now we have an answer to all of that. According to the source, we can now expect a new ‘Flowery Design’ for the Home button on the Nexus device. This is an entirely new design from the company for the home button on the onscreen navigation keys. This new design is expected to ship with the upcoming 2016 Nexus Phones.

Taking a close look at the design, we now have a new Flower design for the home button when you long press the stock circle. It then turns into four small dots for different colors. These new colors are same as that of the one ones associated with the Google’s Assistant. This looks like a fresh design, and it definitely many will welcome this new change. Rumor has it that, it will be closely associated with the new Google Assistant which we have seen earlier.

Nrew Flower animation for Nexus

This new assistant will be integrated into the home button and can use from there. It is also confirmed that this animation goes away when Google Now feature is turned off. Google is rumored to be launching this new animation/design for the new launchers and as of now, it will be used to trigger the Google now function. Once the Google Assistant is developed, it will be integrated into this and will be launching with the new Nexus 2016 devices.

At this point, it is not confirmed if this will work with other smartphones as well when they receive the Android 7.0 Nougat update. Looking at the previous rumors and leaks about the Nougat, it is not quite clear. If this is implemented, then it will join the other new UI changes that the company is bringing to the table with the new version of Android. It is also reported that Google has changed the color theme for it’s setting menu.

However, we suggest you take these rumors with a pinch of salt, as it is not confirmed by the company if they will be bringing this new design feature out officially. We just have to wait and see if Google actually decides to implement this. Talking about the new Nexus 2016 phones, they are expected to launch in the month of October. HTC is reportedly working on two Nexus devices of different sizes, just like last year codenamed “Marlin” & “Sailfish”. Stay tuned for info on this in coming weeks.


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