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Samsung Gear 2 Teardown by iFixit [Dismantle Guide & Parts]



The Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch is one perfect accessory, if someone ignores the price part and look into everything else. We loved the camera captures, because it is a 2MP shooter embedded in a smartwatch. Samsung even did a good job with the Tizen OS that is included in it to run the smartwatch.

While we talk about the exterior, the team at iFixit has done the excellent job of dismantling the device and showing us what is included internally in the smartwatch. As always, it’s a beautiful series of photos along with the video showing what runs the Gear 2.

Samsung Gear 2 Smartwatch Teardown

To talk about the specs in general, the Samsung Gear 2 comes with a 1.63 inch display with 320×320 OLED resolution, and it has the IP67 certification for the water and dust resistance. The smartwatch runs on a dual-core 1.2GHz chipset, 512MB RAM, and there is 4GB internal storage. There’s 300mAh battery, and the sensors included pedometer and heart-rate monitor. The three color variants are Black, Brown and Orange. The second-generation smartwatch from Samsung released in April 2014.

When checked after removing the band, the watch is said to weigh 41gm, which is quite less. Although Samsung has removed the camera from the strap and included it on the bezel, the position makes it impossible to take selfies, though the placement is quite right for someone trying to capture something on the front. Along with that, iFixit shows how easy it was to remove the band and use the Interchangeable straps on the Gear 2.

The repairability score given for the Gear 2 is 8/10 which shows that this is a device that can be repaired quite easily. Check below for the video of the teardown, below.



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