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Microsoft Smartwatch with Charging Dock in the making – Details



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Microsoft Smart watch

Microsoft was long due of entering into the Smartwatch market with many Giants like Samsung, Apple, Google and other many smaller companies are already releasing their second or third models. But late but not the least Microsoft’s smart watch plans were revealed because of a Patent that was released by the US patent office regarding the design and functionality of the Smart watch.

The Patent was filed way back in October 2012 and has come to light recently. But there is no updates of news from Microsoft about any such plans to go ahead with the release of a Smartwatch in the immediate future. But the design that we can see from the patent office surely suggests that Microsoft is in the initial stages of planning.

With Nokia under Microsoft and the sleek and neat Lumia devices which they are producing we can just imagine how this Smartwatch would be if they intend to follow the same design pattern.
The Microsoft Smart Watch work as a complete Smart watch by being able to take and do phone calls, messaging, notifications, camera, fitness tracker and other such features. It does sound similar to what Samsung has done with its Gear Fit.

If the specifications and functions are kept aside Microsoft is planning a Smartwatch which will have a detachable Face (or Computing device as mentioned in the document) on its device, which should be removed to charge the device on its external Charging Dock. And also helps you Sync with your Laptop or PC with the help of USB cable. The Wristband will be like a housing device which will be keeping the Computing Device or the Display.

SmartWatch Dock

The Dock that will be acting as a charger and also a secondary device to use the Smart watch from by turning it into a device for the table. You can mount the Smart watch onto the Dock and use it for many purposes like an Alarm clock, music player and many other things.

The Interface of the device as we can see in the images seems to comprise of icons which relate to the Apps they are designed for, here we can see that there are Running App, Heart Rate App and Calories Burnt App displayed. There are other functions also like Music App, which will let you control music from the smart watch and Alarm Clock; messaging and phone features like we mentioned earlier.

The concept which Microsoft is following seems to be a very good one but I feel that there is nothing new in it compared to the other devices which are already there in the market except the Microsoft brand name to it. Hope that before its manufacturing and Release Microsoft comes up with something innovative and new to woo Smart watch users as it is a booming market now.


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