Samsung Galaxy W Android Phone with a whooping 7-inch Display detailed

by Chetan Bhawani 2

Samsung Galaxy W

A handset having a 5-inch screen too was quite big for many, but when you see an even larger display which matches a screen of a tablet device, you are out of words and would imagine whether to call it a phone in any way. Samsung, the Korean manufacturer doesn’t give it a second thought though, as they announce the Samsung Galaxy W, a handset which has a 7-inch display and they don’t categorize it as a tablet device. The massive device was expected to be out, and Samsung finally made it official in Korea, the company’s home country.

It’s the aspect ratio for the screen which makes the interface look like the one for the phone, as Samsung has put a 16:9 ratio for the display, which has a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. For someone who is a fan of larger displays but didn’t want to opt for a tablet device which makes the usage different from what they expect, the Galaxy W is a good choice for them.

What comes under the hood below the 7-inch display, is the 1.2 GHz quad-core processor (no mention about the model), and there is 1.5 GB RAM onboard along with 16GB internal storage. Samsung has included a 3200 mAh battery in the device, especially because of the large screen, and there is a 8-megapixel camera on the rear side of the device. The Galaxy W will be running the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean OS and there is nothing further detailed by the company about the other specifications.

For a smartphone, this is the biggest size of the screen, beating the Sony Xperia Z Ultra which had a size of 6.4-inch, and that too looked quite big. Samsung’s own Galaxy series had the Galaxy Mega 6.3 as the biggest one in the non-tablet category earlier to this, but the Galaxy W breaks all the records, and it looks quite bad for a smartphone or phablet, whatever the user may call it. For the confused Samsung fans who might feel that the name is quite familiar, you are right – this is not the first Galaxy W because Samsung had launched a device with the same name, back in 2011, and this had a 3.7-inch display and it was running the Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS.

This new Galaxy W is expected to be available only in the Asian countries, and the model number it carries – SM-T2558. The device has a weight of 245 gm and it is going to be made available in the black, white and red color options. The pricing of the Samsung Galaxy W in the Korean market is 499,400 Korean Won which is just around $490.

There is nothing mentioned about the dimensions, but the Galaxy W is expected to be quite thin and the design is no different from the huge list of Samsung Galaxy phones, and the rear panel of the device has it written as LTE, the 4G connectivity possible on the device. The TouchWiz UI is pretty much the same as you might have seen in the Samsung devices running the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean OS.

We’ll let you know about the availability in the other places, later.

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  • Joshua Akinsola

    Borders of acceptability have been crossed with this. Samsung is a front runner but this is a little too much. The phone does not look comfortable at all in the picture. and barely fit in his grasp. Comfort is sacrificed for large display and high end specs arent their to support.

  • Android

    when i look a the pic to see the gigantic phone i see them holding the phone with normally. But you gotta come into reality. This is just a snapshot and no one can hold such a big phone in only one of their hands. When people see this photo they rerally wan tthe phone but when they get it they notice its too big and not in their comfort level. What i think Samsung is trying to do when they release these phones is that they are trying to reach different markets and they are targeting different people. The maynot be for the average person but it may attract people who really want a big phone and does not want a tablet. For people like that this is perfect for them. But they have to sacirfice alot of things like comfortablity and power inside the phone. Its not too strong but you sacrificed all that for the screen. Also the price is not as high as flag ship devices so what could you expect