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Battery Life Comparison: Galaxy S7 beats S7 Edge Battery Reports



Samsung Galaxy S7 Vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Comparison

We have both the latest devices from Samsung, that we have been testing as primary devices from the last few months while we have been making a note of the battery information in terms of the charge cycles instead of days because at times the device goes through the night. The S7 Edge comes with a larger battery that we expected would lead us to better Screen On Time and also would help us easily beat the S7 by approximately 20% but the following data proves otherwise. A quick specs comparison reveals that the Edge comes with 600 mAh additional battery that could easily make it lead this comparison. Both the phones were used with all the applications running in normal conditions, never closed them down, auto brightness most of the times and above all, a lot of Camera Captures, videos were recorded because of the camera quality.

Before we start discussing based on our data, would like to comment that most of the reviews on the web have claimed that the Edge has offered a better battery but this article talks based on actual usage for a few weeks. Let us get started with the data that we have already published on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Review & the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Review.

Samsung Galaxy S7 - Battery Graph

Samsung Galaxy S7
Average 24.4 Hours Battery Usage
Average 4.6 Hours Screen On Time

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge - Battery Graph

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
Average 18.5 Hours Battery Usage
Average 3.7 Hours Screen On Time

From the above data you could find that the Edge had a lower Screen-on-time of approx 25% even though it came with a larger battery. Since both the phones were used as primary device along with the Airtel SIM Cards in them, it is clear that the Edge hogs up more battery. Probably could be the Always On Display, that recently got an update where you could schedule it to save the battery.

Overall if you are looking for a new flagship phone & if you are going to use a case then it is better to look out for the S7 since its compact, offers better battery management and is also priced around 20% lower than the edge. In fact, we have already seen reports of the devices getting damaged easily with a few waist drops and following this most consumers use a back panel or a case, that almost stops them from using the edge options.


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