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Ahoy Developers, Stop Wasting Time developing Apps for Windows Phones



There was a time when Microsoft promised the world that they would be giving it a desirable mobile platform with all the right things. When the company first introduced Windows Phone 7 based smartphones to the world, developers quickly got aligned with the company, as the brand has a history of shipping its software to masses. But down the line, we all learned it was unlikely that this mobile platform of the Redmond giant will gain an interest among a large audience.

Where Android and iOS has been shining as the mobile platforms, there are mobile operating systems that have seen a tragic decline, Blackberry being one of them. And that’s why you might know that the Canadian mobile company is now shipping handsets with Android OS on them. Regardless, the point is that developers should stop creating an app for Windows Phones. Because Windows Phone is dead, guys.

In a recently released report from Gartner, you can see that worldwide share for a smartphone using Windows Phone has been declined at a disastrous rate. Last year in Q1, the company sold around 8 Million handsets, which is now declined to 2.4 Million handsets for this year. It makes company market share fall from 2.5% to 0.7%. The brand has been struggling a lot since it bought the mobile business from Nokia, which was their hardware partner for years. In the end, the Microsoft-Nokia partnership ended very badly for the Finland-based company.

Windows Phone Market Share - May 2016

Developers should clearly take this report seriously, as it can be said that Windows Phone are dead and will slowly diminish from the market as Blackberry and others have. It is quite awful that people who trusted that Windows Phone will become a hit in a long term as it has a lot of potential in terms of performance and usability. If you recall, Nokia sold a lot of Lumia 520 devices in India and United States as well and is still there best selling handset. We can’t explicitly comment where Microsoft got it all wrong, but maybe one of the reasons is that platform didn’t offer much in terms of the whole ecosystem.

Like Blackberry, Nokia also seems to be coming back with Android, and that is a wise decision, as consumers all around the world are waiting for Nokia’s comeback to the smartphone world. So, you can take the hint that Windows Phone is no Dead and developers should probably try to move on to currently popular mobile platforms, such as Android and iOS.


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