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New Samsung Galaxy Note 7s will have a Green-colored Battery Indicator



Samsung earlier reported that the new replacement units of the Galaxy Note 7 would come with a blue S on their box. Well, if that wasn’t enough for you, then the new safe units will come with green-colored battery indicators as well. So basically when you replace your device on September 21st in the US, look out for the blue S on the box and the green color battery indicator as well. If not then immediately report to the store and get it replaced.

For reference, the current version of the device comes with a white color battery indicator on the top right corner of the device. So this change has been implemented to let customers easily differentiate between the faulty and the safe units. This is a good move by Samsung but we just hope that the new units will be safe and free from any explosions.

Earlier:Samsung has officially started announcing the dates of the availability of the replacement units that differs in every country. The biggest confusion would now be to find if the new phones are from the same old lot or are it from the new lot whose battery is fixed. In order to fix this, Samsung is coming up with a Blue S Mark on all the upcoming replacement devices that help a consumer know that the unit they are holding is the safer one. The above-featured image clearly shows how this new Blue S would be shown on the boxes, though we feel there should be other markings too that differentiate the boxes because there are thousands of users who still have the phones with them, while many stores who are still selling these phones.

Samsung made a good decision by recalling the Galaxy Note 7 smartphones that had some kind of a battery issue. But it apparently cost a billion dollars to the company. Well, they had no other option as ultimately it was the company’s fault. They should have been careful and properly tested before shipping those out. With that being said, all this while we all were left with no Galaxy Note 7 smartphones out in the market, except for the Chinese market as the devices which were sold there used the batteries from a different manufacturer.

But now after all this time, we finally have some reports that claim that the company might start selling these devices back by early next month. Yes, that’s a good news for all of you if you were waiting for that to happen. According to a statement by Samsung Electronics Australia, this whole situation will return to normal from next month. To be more precise, the statements tells us a date of September 21st. So the company will start shipping the new safe units of Galaxy Note 7 from starting September 21st and you all can expect the devices to be available in the stores by the month of October.

Do make a note of few things here. First of all these dates are tentatively given by Samsung Electronics Australia. So if you living anywhere outside Australia, then these are not the dates to go by. It could start selling in your country way before that or it could take a long time as well. And another thing is , the same can be expected only if the company doesn’t run into any issues in the process. So the situation is not looking all that great at the moment for the company. We just recently reported about a blast, following which some of the airlines have banned the use of the Galaxy Note 7 phablet inside the aircraft.

And as far as India is concerned, we don’t have any official confirmation whatsoever. Samsung India just recently announced that the pre-ordered customers will receive a free Gear VR and a voucher for the Oculus store. We expect that the company gets out of this fiasco soon and starts selling the devices as early as possible. Stay tuned for more info.


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