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New iPhone 7 passes Bend Gate but is prone to Scratches Easily – VIDEO



Apple iPhone 6 launched back in 2014, suffered from the bend gate issue. The smartphone was apparently too thin and had some weak points in its chassis, that made it very easy to get bend. It was soo easy that if you wear tight jeans and put the smartphone in your pocket, you will end up with a bent iPhone. So things were not looking good for Apple. But the company did not do anything about it, and they silently fixed that issue in the next iteration that is the iPhone 6s. Ever since then, the bend test was one of the first tests to be carried out on any new smartphone.

Same is the case with the new iPhone 7. The newly launched iPhone 7 was recently put through a series of durability tests by the JerryRigEverything, a YouTube channel which is known for its durability tests. In these, the smartphones are put through a series of tests like the scratch test, bend test, fire test, etc. So the iPhone 7 also got the same treatment, and the results were quite surprising. The test was performed on a matte black iPhone 7 this time around. You can check out the video below –

First, the screen was put through a series of scratch test with picks of different sharpness. And just like any other smartphone, the iPhone 7 was also scratched on the level 6 indicating that the screen does not have a sapphire glass. Jumping onto the home button, which is not a button anymore, also scratched on level 6, and it again indicates that it is also not made of sapphire glass. And same is the case with the glass on the camera lens. Next, when the phone was bend, the device holds up pretty well.

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However, when the device was bent, the waterproof adhesive started to tear. This is not a good sign as if your device ends up bending a little; then it will probably loose its waterproofing capabilities. Also, when the matte black back of the device was scratched with a razor blade etc, it was easily scratched. So one thing to note here is, regardless of which variant you would pick, it will be prone to scratches easily. And the same applies to the Plus variant as well. Stay tuned for more info like this.


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