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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is still more popular than most of the newer Android smartphones in market



Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone a couple of months back and just after the launch, people could not stop talking about it. It was pretty much one of the best Android smartphone out there in the market that packed some serious power along with some great functionalities. However, sadly the company had to pull it back due to the whole explosion issues with the smartphone. The company then decided to stop the production as well which marked the end of the Note 7 phablet. One might think that people don’t trust the brand anymore or don’t want to use any smartphone made by Samsung, but on the flip side, the Galaxy Note 7 is still one of the most popular Android smartphone leaving even the newer releases behind.

According to a report which takes a look at the smartphone released in the second half of 2016, it looks like the Note 7 is still very popular and the usage of the Note 7 exceeded even some of the newer Android phone releases such as the LG-made V20 as well as the Oneplus 3T, etc. Do make a note here that this is not the most popular smartphone launched in second of 2016 since some of the other devices like the Google Pixel smartphones and the Sony Xperia XZ still exceeds the Note 7 phablet. Although it is not the most popular phone out there, it is indeed surprising to see that it is still there on the list ahead of the most recent competition as well.

Since the list only talks about the smartphones launched in the second half of the year, we cannot compare it with some of the older offerings like the Galaxy S7 and the S7 Edge, etc. Those smartphones are still doing great especially after the fall of the Note 7 phablet. And another thing to consider is the availability of few devices like the LG V20. As of now, the LG V20 is not readily available in most places as it is yet to released in places like Europe. But as mentioned earlier, the report is quite surprising since the smartphone is not even in production anymore.

Samsung is also taking constant measures to get rid of the remaining Note 7s out there. Although the global recall is over, still there are a lot of Galaxy Note 7s out there in the market. The company is trying its best to take them off the streets. It has rolled out an update to the Note 7s in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand to cut off its Wi-Fi and cellular data. The company also has plans to push an update in Europe which will restrict the battery charging power down to 30-percent of its total normal capacity. All these repeated updates only point towards the company’s efforts to keep the devices safe out there from any kind of explosion. With that said, let us know what do you think about this and stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more details on the same.


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